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Pineapple Lace King/Queen Bedspread…

…in progress but turning out gorgeous! Being sick (with pneumonia no shit!) in bed and isolated didn’t just trigger depression and weight loss (20 pounds… scale said 186 and that almost knocked me on my ass again from shock) I started working on this:

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Current Project

This is the shawl that doen’t ennnnddd, it goes on and on my friennnnddd!


I want it to be a little bigger more like a shawl you would see Stevie Nicks wearing. I think I may even add fringe or something similar to it when I’m finally done.


This one is called a Virus Shawl because it just grows and grows.  The pattern is straightforward and easy to remember too. It is a repeat pattern. I can’t wait to finish this one and start on something else!

I think I will even make the shawl that you see in the picture … I have a thing for shawls. I guess I’m a Witchy Woman as well. 🙂

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