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Blind As A Bat … A SHRINKING Bat!

It was doctor day for me to check on the corneal graft that I received just about two years ago.  The Good Idea Fairy must have visited me in my sleep and whispered, “Stop putting in the prescribed drops in your eyes! You see perfectly in HD, and you have groovy new glasses!”

Sparkly Winged Heifer with a Forked Tongue

Good Idea Fairy is a fairy that shows up at inappropriate times, usually with the idea lightbulb in hand, giving you bright ideas and is as old as time. Don’t believe me? Think about Adam and Eve’s story that resulted in ditching the fig leaves and being kicked out of Eden wandering the wilderness (probably with keratoconus). You do dumb things, and it always ends with the phrase, “It was a good idea at the time.”  Uttering the words as mentioned earlier gives joy to G.I.F. while you are sitting around looking like Boo Boo the Fool.

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Been a minute …

…but I am still among the living.

I have a few things I need to get situated this evening but I will be back and will have tales to tell!


I had a ton of stress because I was trying to figure out my finances so of course, I put myself in more debt because the Bipolar Menomonster had a great idea.

I was cycling so I purchased a CYCLE.  A goddamned Peloton bike before I realized what the hell I did.  So I guess I will be using it because I cannot return it.

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The Nola Kitty IT Department

  • Changed out and installed new 1 TB hard drive and installed new Windows 10 software on an HP Slimline that I found in my attic: CHECK

This one was under insulation in my attic along with an EFF-TON of Mardi Gras beads (a couple of cases) and throws.  It looks like the previous residents were in a Mardi Gras Krewe. There appears to be some black looking stuff (I think tar. CRAP!) that is on the bottom of this thing that is getting on my floors. I am happy about the computer working but not pleased about the tar. It previously had Windows 7 on it and 650 GB Hard Drive.  This will be one of my writing computers, so I’m okay with just 1 TB and Windows 10. Please excuse the dust bunnies …  and that black stuff is from the bottom of the computer. This one is a WIN!

***Edited to add: Just checked, this computer is so old there is only Ethernet and Dial-up available to connect to the Internet. Wow. There is no wireless card, no HDMI and in 2010 it was over 500.00. I thought I did something or forgot a connection, nope it is just that old :). Pretty glossy and pretty blue lights though.  ***


  • Lenovo Laptop upgraded with 2 TB HD.  That one is my son’s gaming computer.  All I know is I am happy that his beloved laptop is now working again. It has a G4 card or something like that, I call myself an IT department but still don’t know what the hell he is talking about half the time.

Second WIN! YAY for saving beaucoup money!

  • Third and last … a FAIL with the Gateway laptop I was trying resurrect for my Daddy. I cannot find a power cord for the darn thing. I rarely used it, and it was just updated to Windows 10.

That was from a dark time in my life, so maybe it is good that it is dead. 🙂 Was going to wipe it and give it to Daddy, but that was a bust. Back to the drawing board and to Best Buy to return the Universal cord. 🙁

Irritated …

… because I went to see a new doctor today.  I just wanted someone closer to my job so it would be convenient for me to get to work afterward.  I don’t think I will be using her as my primary care person.

She was a twat-face. Don’t want a twat-face diagnosing me. Nothing redeeming at all about this heifer … oh wait, she was able to probably … kind of … get me a referral for a sleep study.  So not a complete twat-face but 3/4 twat-face.

My weight is bullshit still, do I really want to post it for all to see? Why the hell not?

The scale at this office said 202.0.


Don’t get it twisted low carb does work, it just doesn’t seem to I be working for me right now. I lost a tremendous amount of weight doing this way of eating, but it was 10 years ago before the Meno-Monster inhabiting my body. I have an endocrinologist appointment and a mammogram scheduled in two weeks so we will see what the heck is going on with me. I will continue to eat low carb until then.

So why irritated??

Well, Dr. Twatface came in and just looked at me. Then asked what brought me there.  I STARTED to tell her because of my weight, the fatigue, the thyroid issues, the falling asleep, etc. (mainly to say to her my body is shitty at the moment, please help).  Well, I STARTED but didn’t get past “my weight” before she interjects, “WE are not a weight loss clinic.”

Sigh. Bitch!

Now, I already knew that the office isn’t a weight loss clinic, so I proceeded to try to tell her I know this and I also know where to go if I wanted to visit a weight loss clinic, Aspen Clinic…

Then Dr. Twatface interjects AGAIN! She says, “YES, we recommend them because they give you Adipex. You (I) should try Adipex.  As long as your blood pressure is within a normal range, it should be okay.”

Once again … BITCH! I am on blood pressure medication for hypertension at the moment. If she had glanced at the monitor or even asked me about it, I would have told her this.

Her bedside manner is severely lacking. So I start again to say to her WHY I am there. I am feeling tired, I am gaining weight, I am unable to sleep through the night (when I do fall asleep), and I fear I may have sleep apnea because I am falling asleep at the most inappropriate times.

So Dr. T-F tells me this, “Well you are not my patient, I don’t know you. You should go to the endocrinologist as scheduled, but I can tell you it is probably your thyroid so you won’t lose any weight until your thyroid is fixed. By the way, you qualify for weight loss surgery (lap band) why don’t you just do that, your insurance will pay for it.” 

I’m fucking stunned.  I am literally at a loss for words, but I did find some and said, “I was told you were taking new patients.  I wanted to change doctors for convenience. If I wanted to get a prescription for Adipex I know where to go, if I wanted to schedule myself for lap band surgery I also know where to go and what to do, I wanted to establish you as a new physician because of the close vicinity your office is to my job. It seems to be an inconvenience to you to listen to why I am here, and for you to glance at my chart to see my history. I will schedule with my prior doctor and get a recommendation for another PCP.”

Now that stops her from talking over me. She finally goes, “Well I can TRY to get you set up for a sleep study …”

Where did this bitch study medicine?????

I THINK I was scheduled for a sleep study since I haven’t heard from the Center yet.  I have already contacted my old doctor for a recommendation and a referral just in case 3/4 Twatface didn’t follow through.  I paid my 25.00 co-pay for … what? Still trying to figure that one out.

It probably is my thyroid screwing everything up, and I am hoping that is what the issue is, but it would have been nice to complete a sentence and not feel judged.



Male Unit Pics …

Male people, that is 100% NOT CUTE!

Stop that! Please! This is what we see when you send them:


They do not inspire a woman to send you a picture of her Nani or her Boobies.

It does, however, inspire a woman to delete and block you forever and ever or make her want to order a nice plate of Mountain Oysters with a side of lemon.


Filter yourself.

That is all.


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