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Passive Income … Upgrading My WordPress … Yikes!

So I was looking to update to the business plan with WordPress, so I can add plug-ins …

$234.60 for the year WITH the 15% off coupon.


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My New Laptop Desk …

… I love my new laptop desk! It’s portable, and it makes a difference while I am on the laptop. 🙂

I usually grab a pillow when I am on the couch and vegging out.  I paid a ton of money for my computer so I would love for it to work as long as possible.  The pillow thing was okay, but my back would start hurting, and my wrists would hurt too.  I got a Varidesk at work so when I saw this As Seen On TV gadget I had to try it.  It costs the same as the regular run of the mill lap desks you buy at the store, but this one is better because it is adjustable and you can put it on the counter in the kitchen and use your computer there.

I say kitchen because I am always in my “lab” creating recipes and new ways to cook that will be in line with my low carb diet.

This is what it looks like with my laptop, it comes in handy when I am not at home:


It also has a cooling fan that is so quiet I thought it wasn’t working.

I’m obsessed I tell you!

Here is a link if you want to get one from Amazon.  I personally love this gadget and not at all mad at the 39.99 price tag. 🙂

If you click on that funny looking link in the caption it will bring you right to the desk on Amazon if you so happen to feel like buying one. 🙂

Still gonna try to hustle, but I will not ever put something up that I don’t have and paid for myself. Too many times I’ve purchased an As Seen on TV gadget only to be mad because it turned out to be useless. 🙂

The space between the two legs is about 15 inches if you are wondering how much space you will have if you use it sitting down. 🙂

Yarns and Stuff!


When I started blogging again, I mentioned that I was working 7 days a week and almost 70 hours a week trying to make extra money.  I did this for two years! I discovered something …

This Sabertooth Cougar can’t keep up anymore! The Old Gray Mare ain’t what she used to be for real! I was starting look all of 50, and I haven’t hit 50 yet. 🙁  I was exhausted all the time, and I didn’t have any extra time for myself and my family.  I fulfilled my dream of becoming a homeowner, but I was never home.

Did I mention I was exhausted? All the time?? Ten years ago burning the candle at both ends wasn’t an issue, I could function on very little sleep. Nowadays burning the candle at both ends just burned me out. Rapidly.

The past two years I have been trying different ways to make extra money so I can have something to leave my kids and build a respectable nest egg for my retirement.  I didn’t look ahead years ago to save anything because I thought I would be married until “Death do us part.” Well, no one is dead, but we did part, and I was left with trying to make it on my own. Scary when you come from living in a two income situation to just one. I made the decision to save myself from a relationship that I knew wasn’t healthy, so my mind/sanity was more important than savings.

I signed up to deliver food which isn’t the safest thing to do in New Orleans, and it is hard on your car. I transcribe and do other odd jobs online to make a little extra change.  When I scored a work at home job with Amazon, I thought I had it made until I realized I still wasn’t available and was exhausted because my old ass needs to sleep. So I made the decision to stop burning the candle at both ends and try to find some way to make a passive income.  I needed a way to make a little extra money that wouldn’t put me in an early grave from either getting attacked at night delivering for UberEats or Waitr in New Orleans (lots of sketchy, dark neighborhoods) or being sleep deprived from working 30 extra hours a week with Amazon.

I started crocheting and doing different crafts, and I found it relaxing and fun. I had a hard time finding the yarn that I needed in stock for the projects that I wanted to do.  I came across this website that sells a variety of yarns, threads, and accessories and I fell in love. I had the opportunity to open my own online store to sell the yarn myself.  So now I have Yarns and Stuff. I think I may have found a way to make a little extra money without losing sleep or passing out from exhaustion.  I also added links to different Amazon deals that I personally use and like, I cannot do the hours of an Amazon Customer Service Representative, but I do know what sales are good ones on the site, so I added those links on the side.

Who doesn’t shop at Amazon?? So I added links to the deals that they currently have available and will change them as the deals change. I know I won’t become rich from my links and my yarn shop but if you are planning on buying yarn or going to Amazon help this Old Sabertooth Cougar out and check out my yarn store or click on the Amazon links on the sidebar. 🙂

So yes, I monetized my blog, but I will still just write about random stuff, weight loss, and the Meno-Monster that I am battling with (have been fighting with her for 6 years and counting) daily.

I promise, not gonna be obnoxious about selling anything.  I am happy if you just stop by and read my thoughts and maybe learn something or laugh. If you end up buying something that is good too!

I love you all (so far all 15 people 🙂 ) and please don’t run because you see ads. Just a way to make sure my kids don’t dig a hole and throw me in it when I die or just let the cats eat me.



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