I'm Sick…And what we got for Christmas…

I really hate when I get sick…It started when I was by my brother’s house. Ack! So today I am sending my husband out on a mission for cold medicine and a toothbrush. That is right, a toothbrush. I think there is a ghost that in this house that likes toothbrushes. It was there yesterday and now it isn’t. Thank Goodness for my friend who turned me on to brushups…I would be sitting here with a yuck mouth.
I am supposed to go by the inlaws and drink some eggnog and I am responsible for the cheesecake. That is the only thing that I can bake…This time I am going to do one that has a sour cream topping. Definitely not low carb, but it so tasty. Low carb will be started on tomorrow since I really do not do anything that special with New Years as far as cooking. I still need to do my floors, but I really feel woozy. It has to be done because I believe that how you enter the new year is how the year will be. The house MUST be clean. I am glad that I lost weight before the end of this year because I want to start the new year on a good healthy note. Hence the starting a low carb routine tomorrow.
The kids had a pretty good Christmas. I notice that as they are getting older the things that they want are smaller but cost more money. I got The Boy a MP3 player, a remote control car that he has to build first from Radioshack and some Rocawear (he likes Jay-Z). The Rocawear story is funny and he almost didn’t get any. The prices on this stuff is ridiculous!! I really liked a shirt and wanted to get it for him…it was 80.00. No dice. The husband was looking through the jeans trying to find something that was on sale…suddenly he says Rob, come see this. It was the 80.00 shirt. I told him that and he kept saying come and see this…the shirt had been tagged 32.00. It was tagged from the store and it looked like it was hidden. Not being a fool I grabbed the shirt and went to the register. The sales lady looked at the shirt and said, “Yep it is 32.00”. She rang it up for me, but I also know that she was the one that mistagged the shirt. She had just said that she couldn’t afford the prices, but he son really wanted this shirt. I just looked at her…then I did feel some guilt. I knew that the shirt wasn’t supposed to be 32.00 but it was tagged that way. Was I just as bad as the person who tagged it that way?? I hate when I second guess stuff like that but dammit it was a nice shirt and I really wanted The Boy to have it. He also got a pair of jeans. The child looks silly to me because he is sagging all over the place…
The Girl got some H.I.M. stuff (depressing black wearing long haired dude that wears eyeliner and patent leather), a H.I.M. bag, some various other stuff, a fountain that simulates rain and nature sounds, and a futon. It is still sitting in the back of the car, but today it will be put together since Tequila (our new cat) is putting holes in her air mattress. The final straw for me was when the child was up at 0500 telling me that she was sinking into her bed. 0500?? The child acts like she is in a coma state every morning and since she has been on vacation she has been waking up with the birds. Go figure…
I got a new watch, some Tommy Bahama cologne with body lotion and some Godiva chocolates. The Husband got a watch and Kenneth Cole gift set (that includes the cool umbrella) I guess the husband and I have no imagination since we got each other the same thing. I really needed the watch, I have been going to work wearing my son’s watch.
So here I am sick as a dog and I have stuff to do.
I am off to start my cheesecake and also I will be making a Gumbo. K’s Mom made some Gumbo last night, but I am sure that will be gone by the time I get over there and get some. There will be no workout today…just feel too bad, but since I am going to work tomorrow I will be hitting the Gym then.


I have notified some of the people that I know read the blog on a daily basis. I hope they find me…it will be the same old stuff, just a different address. I need to get finished cooking….

Merry Effing Christmas!!

I go to my old site Iggykatt.com and I discover that they have closed down the shop. The domain has expired and I just don’t have the patience or the money to renew. This will be my new place on the Web until money starts flowing in. Now I have to get my links in order and let my 3 readers know that I am no longer at that address…It sucks but believe it or not Blogger has a couple of features that I like and it is free….
So I am off to get my links in order and to let my friends know that I am no longer where they expected me to be. Thank God I opened this Blogger Account in the past…
Later !!

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