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Hi there! I want to welcome you to my little space on the “inter-web” where I dump all the things that tend to crowd my brain. Random thoughts, ideas (the Good Idea Fairy and I are best buds), some feels here and there, and mostly nonsense.

Divorced after 19 years of marriage ..37 38 41 42 43 46(YIKES) 50 (DEAR LORD TIME JUST MARCHES ON)…yo-yo dieter (right now I am on the downside upswing again of the Yo …I am shrinking growing, BUT, will be shrinking back in Alaska Louisiana...closing in on 70 pounds lost gained weight…joined a challenge gonna lose 30 this time have lost 25 pounds so far…of the 45 gained! BAH…GAINED WITH poboys!)  doing Atkins NOOM/KETO Hybrid, love to workout (Billy Blanks

is my TEACHER somewhat…now I am doing Les Mills elliptical Nope, purchased a Peloton Bike (gotta use it to feel better about the price),

EXPENSIVE Peloton Bike

I am a Government Employee so that means I am employed for life unless I kill someone.
I have a dog TWO DOGS (pugs so I am loved for life)…

Otis D Pug


Milo D. Pug

I am living in the Desert of Arizona  the middle of the Tongass Rain Forest…Juneau, Alaska! quaint little town of New Orleans, land of poboys and fried seafood. That is why I am writing again…gained the 25 I lost in Alaska.
Okay…I originally started this Blog at the end of 2005. Lot’s have changed since then. I’ve come to my senses and ended a very TOXIC one-sided 23 year relationship. Think of it this way: The Audience has left…the Show is over. Meaning…the children are grow and trying to do their own things…there was nothing left for me to focus on (other than how unhappy I was).
^^^^ That was so eight years ago.  I have since come to terms with my failed marriage.  I am actually very happy for my Ex-Husband and wish him all the happiness in the world.  We are now FRIENDS! YAY! MEH! He is some dude that pays me not enough of his retirement monthly (he hasn’t spoken to me in what… two and a half years??? No big deal since he hasn’t changed a damn bit. 

Ahem…using my best Ricardo Montauban voice (jeez…I’m OLD)


(Fantasy Island…get it? No? Google it 🙂 )

Have fun playing in all my thought piles.



  1. chiari "chubbi" johnson says:

    You look fantastic! I am so jealous!!! What was your start weight/size??
    Wow! A size 6…I have NEVER been a size SIX…Maybe when I was in my mothers tummy…LOL

  2. Robin says:

    My start weight was 199.6 (and I was grateful that it wasn’t 200…I refused to go over 200 again) and I was in a size 18…slowly but surely jumping into a 20. I was in complete denial…I had the strongest/hottest washer and dryer because it shrank everything…but just my clothes mind you.
    As of today my sizes vary from a 4 to a 7…yes a big jump but we can thank vanity sizing…I started low carbing and Taeboing consistently in August of 2006.

  3. waistloss says:

    Hey Robin! Can you send me an email to bigmista at gmail dot com? MrsMista and I are going to Phoenix this weekend for our anniversary and I would appreciate it if you could give us some ideas of things to do while we are there. Keep in mind that she is over 6 mos. pregnant so we are looking for non-strenuous, inside in the air conditioning things to do! *lol*
    Thanks a bunch!

  4. luna says:

    Wow, Robin ~ what a tremendous job you’ve done! Thanks for posting your story and pics…they are very inspirational! **Congrats**

  5. Robin says:

    Thanks Luna!! I wouldn’t have been able to be where I am today with supportive comments and encouragement like yours. I have found inspiration from all the folks that have visited my site. 🙂

  6. DH says:

    Wow, Robin…I’m still AMAZED and IMPRESSED with your transformation and you sound so, so happy!!!
    By the way…I swear to God you could easily pass as your daughter’s 20-something sister now.
    Congratulations again!!!

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