Crochet Inspiration- Navy Ball

This dress was seen on the runway this year (2019 Spring). Crochet dresses are a thing. It is actually on sale ( 40% off now but still an outrageous price) and here is the link Crochet (Fugly in my opinion) Ulla Gown

**Note I am not getting any perk for the link just wanted to show proof this is real and for sale and the price is high as giraffe pussy even at 40% off**

I have a ball to go to on Friday and wanted something different. So I am working on a red, black, and white crochet creation. I saw this (wtf is going on with the shoulders?) and thought I could do something so that I would stand out. I will post a picture of the finished project. If it doesn’t pan out, I ordered a “grown-ass woman” gown as a backup.

When you see the price of this ugly thing, you may pass out. People with money will buy anything that has a label attached to it. It looks like one of the dishcloths my grandmother used.

I can’t wait to see if my Kookie Creation will work!

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