Happiness Engineer?

I am “Commodore 64/Pong” old, so trying to build and monetize this blog to help bring in passive income is pretty daunting for me. Writing nonsense and posting pictures is easy; but as soon as I decided to take the plunge and upgrade to “Business” my old age is showing like a cheap slip. It is hanging out all over the place.

“OH! The Files are IN the Computer!”

Working with the instructions on how to optimize my little space on the web made me realize just how computer ILLITERATE I am.  Feeling like Hansel and Zoolander when they were trying to find evidence in the Apple computer scene:

via Gfycat

I’m hoping to have an “A-HA” moment and figure this one out.  I have an appointment with a WordPress Happiness Engineer in a few minutes. Let’s hope they can educate this Commodore 64 – old lady and make this blog brilliant!

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