Passive Income … Upgrading My WordPress … Yikes!

So I was looking to update to the business plan with WordPress, so I can add plug-ins …

$234.60 for the year WITH the 15% off coupon.


I am not sure if that amount of money will be worth it for my blog.  It will definitely make things easier to place ads on my blog but … but … the spending fast, the debt snowball, the PRICE of the plan.  I thought the premium plan was terrible.

By the way, I know I said I would stop playing (PROCRASTINATING) around but the process of going on this fast thing and trying to eliminate my debt because Dave Ramsey dude (Total Money Makeover) thinks you should have a side gig to have the extra money to attack the damn debt dictates me getting extra income.  I have heard you have to spend money to make money and spending money wasn’t an issue for me but making money while spending it is proving to be hard.

I want to take a chance and purchase the upgrade and see what happens, but I also don’t want this to be a waste of money.


I gotta think and procrastinate some more on this one. Ideally, a passive income is best for me since I really do not want to add another 20-30 hours a week on a second job.

This Old Biotch is TIRED ALL THE TIME these days.

IF I do this, I guess I will start freelance writing for different sites. Love to run my mouth anyway.

Crap gotta make that decision tonight.

I’ve added links to The Total Money Makeover (1st pic) and The Total Money Makeover Workbook (2nd pic) if you are interested just click and you will be taken to the Amazon page. 🙂


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