New Look…

… to my little space!  I should be Marie Kondo-ing my room right now (I actually started and got distracted…I wonder by what??) by touching items trying to figure out what exactly is giving me joy and what isn’t, then saying “thank you” to the items that sparked “HELL NO” for serving me.

Yeah, that is what I was supposed to be doing.  I have to say I have a bit too much joy -sparking items in my room, so I decided to step away and fiddle with the blog. I like the final result after going through about 100,000 changes and asking my son what he thinks. This will do for now until I start searching for joy and the … well … the real pain in the ass items that must go and pretty much getting rid of half my shit.

I procrastinate too much, and I am probably a teeny ADHD.  Just saying.

I’ve really missed my spot, and since I decided that I WILL NOT give up my blog while I am spend-fasting, debt snowball, and basically giving up all things fun, I will post regularly since I am keeping this site. 🙂


I will continue crocheting since I am keeping all my yarn and crafty stuff. And I might as well continue my progress losing weight since I lost 20 pounds (when I went to the doctor last month for this everlasting cold I weighed in at 209…Dear Lord I was a potato), my scale said 185 after getting on and off it about five times and I am satisfied I wasn’t hallucinating.

Procrastinated enough, for now, I still have to dig through the clothes and then find something that is healthy to eat this evening.  I was planning on stopping at work later, but I think that one is off the table.

So I’m back to reading about Joy Sparking and Tidying!  Here is the book I have :

Just click on Marie’s book and you can get it too from Amazon!

Okay… off to joy-sparking and tidying. 🙂 🙂

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