Been a minute …

…but I am still among the living.

I have a few things I need to get situated this evening but I will be back and will have tales to tell!


I had a ton of stress because I was trying to figure out my finances so of course, I put myself in more debt because the Bipolar Menomonster had a great idea.

I was cycling so I purchased a CYCLE.  A goddamned Peloton bike before I realized what the hell I did.  So I guess I will be using it because I cannot return it.

Broke as the Ten Commandments

The way things are going in the World these days, I would have to say that is really lacking funds! 🙂

I am Fluffy (let’s face it bordering on Extra Fluffy) and broke.  So while I’m dieting my body, I am putting my money on one too. A “spending fast” and I am starting with three months to see if I can do this.

I will only spend money on necessities.  I have to look at three months of transactions, and I have 12 pages to print in tiny bank font.


If you hear a faint scream that will probably be me realizing what I spent money on.

Oh but this will be painful, but I want a handle on this by my 50th birthday.

I won’t have to go grocery shopping for a while since I have more food than the law allows. I still buy groceries like I have a family of four living with me instead of just me and the animals. My son pretty much eats on his own, and I have a kitchen for looks but not anymore.  The “lab” is open again, and it’s time to create.

I’ve missed checking in and writing about my day.

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