Green Camouflage …


I was in a local parade for the Housing residents where I work.  I had the bright idea to be Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy.


Here I am with the wig. I hate wigs. They are glorified hats with an Eff-ton of hair. Hair hats are not a good thing when it is humid and hot in the Deep South.  Yes, I said HOT because Louisiana has bipolar weather.  The temperature was damn near 80 degrees outside.  As far as the hair hat (Wig! I meant wig!) it is a pretty cool looking and I adore the pink at the bottom.  The darn thing took forever to get it on straight because, well, I hate wigs.  I thought the hair was the hard part. Oh! I was wrong!

***Um, just noticed the two bottles of wine in the background.  It looks terrible, but I assure you I do not drink on the job.  That was from a Christmas basket a resident gave us. Now if it were a bottle of Tito’s, then that would be a different situation. ***

Hot and Green with Face Paint


Me and my coworker, Star-Lord.  I am green and dying from the non-water based makeup I had on.  Why didn’t I be Rocket or even the damn Star-Lord?  Becoming Gamora took two, I said TWO, greasy green make-up pods to get me that green. I soon realized that complete failure was imminent,  I gave up self-smothering my pores when my friends brought in another hated green container and my dream of being on Skin Wars as a “Woman of a Certain Age” model will never become my reality. In the end, the kids loved us, and they all recognized “Gamora”, not “The She-Hulk” even with her glasses on and her advanced age.

I am still trying to get the green off my skin.


I did this for the enjoyment of the kids. Next year I will watch the parade because I am sure I will still be trying to get this green shit off my face. 🙂

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