Ubereats Coupon!

Hungry? Get $5 off your first order on #Uber Eats with my code: eats-qjakb5ysue. http://ubr.to/EatsGiveGet

So if you don’t feel like cooking (me right now) and you have Ubereats in your area here is a link to get $5.00 off your first order.

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I ordered some naked chicken wings (lemon pepper and garlic parmesan) still low carbing it, 😁 just don’t feel like cooking.

I must be in ketosis because I totally passed on adding fries.

Chicken wings with no breading are the best low carb food to order from a restaurant in a pinch. I always get the sauce on the side so I can control how it tastes. I may be from New Orleans but I’m not inspired by the taste of too much hot sauce. That is all wing sauce is anyway, hot sauce and butter.

Yay for Ubereats! Don’t have to get off my couch tonight.

Here are my wings! Time to eat!

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