My Version of an Eggwich …



I miss eating breakfast sandwiches in the morning or actually in that time where it is a little too late for breakfast but too early for lunch. What is that called … lemme see oh yeah BRUNCH! 🙂 I am almost 50 years old, and I’ve only eaten “brunch” a handful of times.  I either wake up at the ass crack of dawn or in the afternoon.  The Meno-Monster dictates my weekends.  I either have insomnia, or I cannot stay awake after 9 PM.

Anyhoo …

I saw that Jimmy Dean has something called an Eggwich where it is two egg patties with meat in between.  When I went to Walmart trying to get a box, the “good” ones were gone leaving a turkey sausage one. Yuck.

As I was searching for something equivalent, I saw the egg patties and sausage patties. Number one I was happy-happy joy-joy to find pork sausage patties.  I don’t like turkey anything other than actual turkey.  If I’m going to eat bacon, I want bacon.  I don’t want something that looks like bacon and tastes like ass. The same thing with the sausages, they taste anemic to me, and the best part of sausage is the fat!  I learned that in Culinary Arts when we were on making sausages.  It isn’t a sausage without the fat to bind and add flavor, or it will just be this crumbly mess that tastes over seasoned.  I will reserve eating bland food to when the kids decide it is time to put me away and I have to eat gruel.

So there is the Eggwich I made. It has minimal carbs because I put cheese on it. I’m a rat, and I love cheese so kill me! You can go without cheese if you wish.

4 egg patties (I bought a bag of them for 2.88 at Walmart)

2 sausage patties (A family bag was about 6 bucks, there are smaller bags though)

Microwave the egg patties for 3 minutes.

Microwave the sausage patties for 90 seconds.

I added cheese so I used one of my gadgets (The Flipwich! So cool!) to cook the eggs all the way through and melt the cheese.

Add seasoning to taste (I was a bit too liberal with mine on one of them) and eat!

Because of the fat in the sausage, I will probably be full until this evening which helps if you are practicing intermittent fasting with your low carb. That is it.

It’s cheaper too.  You can also get all cheffy and make your own eggs and I found a hack if you want round eggs just cut a thick slice of onion and use the ring to hold the egg in place. May just work better with sunny side up eggs though.

There you go, Lazy Eggwich.


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