Well Now …

… Ooooh, Lord!  The Queen Komaya-Maya Biotch wants to come out and argue with this woman (more likely a kid since I have children who are damn near 30) on Facebook.  I cannot stand rude people.

If you see that there is someone who is HURTING I mean really hurting then the best thing you should do is STFU and sit your ass down. Or like Kendrick Lamar says:

Bitch, sit down! Bitch, BE HUMBLE!

The hurting person was (well, still is) a stay at home wife that has a deployed husband that lost his ENTIRE DAMN mind and had decided it was a good idea to tell her he wants a divorce via messaging. Talk about a cowardly thing to do, what a Hero. Anyway, she is devastated and afraid. She literally feels like she has nothing and no one. She is venting right now. Most grown-ups would understand what is happening. You say you are sorry, you offer to listen, you have empathy, you have sympathy.

YOU DO NOT go and issue a retort line by line telling her about all the things that you have done for her even to the point of informing her how much the boxes cost that you gave to her; so she can pack out her house aloneOh and that you were planning on keeping them for yourself but you felt sorry for her. You do not tag two other “friends” and bring them in on this attack so they can chime in on how upset they also are and how she no longer has any of you as friends because Y’all feel insulted about what she wrote. This part of the military lifestyle I do not miss! It’s almost like a gang mentality.

YOU have your complete family. YOU have your husband. YOU are not alone.

What the hell??? Really?? Every heard: “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all?”

This “Mean Girls” attitude is disgusting to me. Now no one can reach this hurt individual, all calls going straight to voicemail and no texts are being answered, she has gone dark.

I hope they all feel great and don’t break their arms patting themselves on their collective Bitch Backs.

Y’all sure told her!

Did empathy and sympathy just stop being a thing all of a sudden or am I truly old now and this is the correct way to act?

For the first time, I am genuinely clutching my pearls.


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