Rocky Mountain Oysters …


Ummmm … no.

I understand I am from New Orleans and some of the things that I eat most people get the HUZZZZ.

But I draw the line at Prairie Oysters.  They look like balls, you have to peel them before you can prepare them, and they are bull balls.

Cannot get past the “balls” part.

Let’s add that one to the List of Things I will not eat:

  1. BEANS (I. HATE. A. BEAN.) I get hostile, the texture, the texture, the texture.
  2. Hummus
  3. Beets
  4. Liver
  5. Bull Testicles
  6. ANY BUG (Don’t care how packed with protein they are, it’s a bug … unless its crawfish)

My Yuck List is more extensive, but those are the top six.  I am wondering why I have weight to lose since I have so many “OMG! It’s an ABOMINATION!” foods on my list.

Let’s recap:


Fried looking like a plate of the old bivalve mollusk we all know and love!

The reality! Unpeeled bull testicles and a bonus furry deer nuts (venison testicles).

No, no, no, no, no.

But to each their own … I eat crawfish on purpose.  🙂


Trying to figure out what to do with some turkey wings I have in the fridge.  They need to be cooked today, but the only way I know is to smother them.

Time for me to work in the lab and create a nice low carb turkey wing dish that also takes little effort. I’m still lazy in the kitchen; getting better but still lazy.

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