Lazy AF Low Carb Turkey Wings!

BEHOLD!  Browned turkey wings in my Foodi! I have a Shark NInja Foodi and PEOPLE … the best of both worlds!  You can air-fry, pressure cook, bake, and roast. I am glad I got this gadget.



I mentioned in an earlier post I am no longer Suzy Homemaker in the kitchen.  When I was married, with a full house (husband and kids to feed) … I was a cooking fool. I even went to Culinary School to hone the skills that I learned from my Grandma and my Mama.  I am now divorced with an adult son who works and a menagerie of pets.  I lost all my kitchen things when I got a divorce, the former husband had moved to his next duty station, and like a fool, I didn’t think ahead to save my kitchen and knife roll, so I had to start my foodie kitchen over again.

Since I am also Broke AF, I didn’t have the motivation to go and buy all of my beautiful tools, so I had to go cheap. Cheap makes a difference in your cooking.  The Ex still has my things, and last I heard he had some young heifer using my tools. Too bad the heifer doesn’t have my talent, so the tools are useless to her.  They like me better anyway. 🙂 My knives are all rusted, and the handles are split from Chucklehead putting them in the dishwasher.


Oops! Started a Meno-Moment there, got triggered by the memory of all my gadgets and how they are being mistreated.

This is what you need:

  • Two packages of turkey wings
  • Seasoning (I used Tony Chachere – BOLD)
  • An onion (I used a Vidalia)
  • Celery stalks (I used five since they were skinny)
  • 1 Package of onion soup (for flavor)
  • 1 cup of water/wine/stock

I needed to brown the turkey wings, and since I am just not motivated to stand by the stove browning turkey wings, I have a deep fryer, so I threw them in there. I seasoned the wings really well and put them in the deep fryer for about 10 minutes.  I set the Fryer temp to 365. While the fryer is doing the browning for me, I sliced the onion and celery and threw them in the bottom of the pressure pot. I drained the wings and put them on top of the veggies. Added a packet of onion soup mix and a cup of water.

Set the pressure cooker to Hi (on the Foodi) with 18 minutes.  Once it comes to pressure, let it do its thing. At the end I will let the pressure come down naturally (about 10 minutes) after 10 minutes I will hit the quick release.

That is it!  No cooking for hours in the oven.

I will post a picture of the results.  🙂

Now, to figure out a side.  I’m thinking green beans!

Will be back later …

18 minutes later:



Falling off the bone and flavorful. Decided on some steamed stirfry veggies. Hope this inspires!

🙂 Need to eat!

Totally worth the money!

If you are interested in getting the Foodi and a cookbook just click on the pictures above and help a Broke Divorcee out! 🙂

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