So Emotional!

One word: Menopause.

I am still going through the change right now.  The last five or six years have been horrible.  I go through a period of hot flashes and bitchiness, then I am all weepy.  I am crying from:

  1. Commercials
  2. America’s Got Talent
  3. 90 Day Fiancee
  4. Game Fucking Shows (WHY??) 
  5. Ads that shouldn’t make you cry (AGAIN … WHY?)
  6. The News

I also have mood swings of PMS, but it is worse.  Hot flashes, hungry, MEGA hot flashes, mood swings, cravings.  I’ve lost my waist and seriously think that is not fair.

I have a very low tolerance for human folk, so I am keeping to myself.  Just all around in a pissy mood, so I ate what I consider trash all day.  Chocolate, Chinese food, chips; I’ve been a snacking fool, and none of it tastes good.  I think going through the change has also changed the way I feel about junk food.  I cannot find anything that I really want to eat. Entirely not worth being kicked out of ketosis. Tomorrow will be a fasting day for me, the only thing that seems to hit the spot for me is water and Coke Zero. Just gonna listen to what my body wants and do that all day tomorrow.

Other thoughts:

The Governor with the EXTREMELY inappropriate picture in his college yearbook, yep.

Yesterday he apologized, and today he isn’t sure that was him. He knows damn well that was him and he is probably the one in “blackface.” The Klansman in the picture is probably his date/girlfriend/current wife/friend/jackass with him.  It looks like he was at a costume party.  You remember shit like that, and I think he remembers but now is trying to Jedi mind trick everyone. Why lie? You cannot unring that particular bell, and he really should have known better (and I know he did, just didn’t think it would come back and bite him in the ass).

1985 or not … that shit was still in poor taste/inappropriate/fucked up from the floor up. Just saying, stop lying and take the hits that will continue to come until you leave office.

When did it become okay to lie like a rug these days?  I guess “alternative facts” is a new truth, the truth-truth, not the real truth.  I have gotten so disgusted by everything I have decided that I will watch fluff from now on.  Just cannot take all the intolerance and “alternative facts” being thrown around to suit agendas. Fox News has people on their Network that give me the 1980’s mean girl/jock vibes. Very unpleasant to watch them. AND aren’t they “media” if they are news.  WHY are they referring to other News stations as the “Media”? Jesus, they need to stop with the bullshit.

I’m sitting here binge watching Ghost Adventures rooting for the ghosts and wondering who dresses Zak. 🙂

**OH MY, Zak is trying to choke himself and has this high pitched squealing like a girl. Really dude?  Need to restart this episode because I am totally lost.  They really need to stop dicking around with these EarthBound spirits, they are EarthBound for a reason and for the most part they are sad or dangerous. Not cool. They probably have so many negative attachments with them messing with these Entities. **

Once my ZZZ-Quil kicks in (menopause doesn’t like you to sleep so sometimes you need a little help) I will go and work on my crochet projects.

Lemme see …

I’m just cranky I guess.

Just found a lake of pee from my elderly pug, he managed to pee around his diaper.  I swear that dog is Houdini. 🙂 I can’t be mad at him. He is old and the sweetest pug in the world!

That would be JoJo!  While I’m sharing here is Otis D, Pug:


Otis D Pug

Rocking the Saints Jersey, looking sad after the Three Blind Refs call.


Sleepytime for me, the medicine is kicking in!

Will be fasting tomorrow, need to get back into ketosis.




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