Kon-Mari …

I was skeptical at first when I saw the show on Netflix … I mean she was saying to fold your clothes into little rectangles that stand up and literally file them in the drawers.


NOTHING I own would fold that way and stand up.  This lady is doll-sized, and she has doll-sized clothes so of course, her method works for her and all people her size.

I was so wrong!

I am still on CLOTHES, er, WAS still on clothes.  The get rid of anything that doesn’t spark joy in you has some merit.  Making your clothes “little” and filing them in the drawers does work if you fold them the way she says to fold them.  I actually have drawers with nothing in them, and I have little rectangular clothes that are standing up and filed. If only I could do that with paper (of course the “Little Lady Who Wants You to Throw Away Half Your Shit” has a method for paper)

Sparking joy?  Well, you just know that you don’t want the item.  I do not thank the clothes for being in my life because indeed some of my clothes were trying to kill me via my waist. 🙂 Those clothes sparked fear and sorrow because I believe they were trying to cut me in two.  This happened gradually, around the time I started to search for and purchase the house I am currently paring down.

So now I have a floor and tomorrow morning will be a joy because I will not be searching for something to wear.  I will continue with her method until my house is where I want it to be.

I have been … still am … sick.  Could be flu, could be a cold, could be pneumonia, could be all in my head, either way, I am currently ill. Going to get some rest just wanted to check in and confirm the “Lady Who is Telling Everyone to Get Rid of Half Their Shit” is really on to something.


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