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Dirty Keto …

Weight loss! 

Now that is something that I can talk about (and talk and talk and write and write) with a lot of authority because I have been on a damn diet for almost 40 years. That is a long time to reach my ultimate goal weight, I just wish I knew what my goal weight ultimately is.

My very first diet was Weight Watchers or “WW” like Oprah is calling it these days. I hated WW when I first tried it ( tuna out of the can and liver … ugh!) because it didn’t seem to work for me. It STILL doesn’t seem to work for me, but I really believe it is just a mental block on my part. I lose and gain the same damn five pounds over and over again. Irritating!

I was successful with low carb dieting and kept off the weight for almost a decade. I have never been one of those people that need to have food. I tend to forget to eat when I am focused on something, but I do eat a lot of trash foods. Macaroni and cheese, french fries, Ben and Jerry’s, jelly beans (the cheap ones, I’m totally weird) those types of things. I don’t particularly like too much chocolate so I can pass on a candy bar and cake easily. Yeah, so why am I always on a diet? 

Menopause has a lot to do with the quest to lose a little weight.  About five years ago I started menopausing (is that a word?), and I slowly but steadily lost my waist.  I barely had a waist in the past now since I am shaped like a dern apple now I really do not have a waist.  I’m not on my way to a bad shape I have a bad shape.  I am not like all those “curvy” girls out there that have a few extra pounds but they are in the right places that give you a pleasing looking shape. 

I have a shape, it Gumby with a belly.  Not a good look at all. 🙂  

I read someone’s story about weight loss, and she said she started off her weight loss journey by doing “Dirty Keto.”  Getting fast food without the bread/starch/whatever, hot dogs with no bun, lunch meats, you know the stuff most people can afford and pronounce that is low carb with very little cooking.  This type of eating seems to be working for me right now since I barely use my kitchen these days.  I used to be a cooking fool when I was married now all my kitchen gadgets, and pots are sitting there collecting dust.  I guess that is proof I don’t have an addiction to food because I need it to cook.  

Dirty keto dieting.  It’s working right now so I will see how far I can go with this way of eating. 🙂  I do have a Ninja Foodi that I want to try and cook a chicken in tonight so maybe not so dirty keto for dinner. 

I just want a waist again!  I shouldn’t have to sacrifice that because I am turning 50.  🙂 



Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

It’s my 50th year on this Earth, and I’ve completely burned the heck out.


I’m burned out and stressed out.

It’s not just the “quality” of life, but it is also about the “quality” of the TIME you have left in your life. We have a FINITE (I mean that) amount of time on this Earth as soon as we are born the clock starts counting down. My quality of life was excellent because I was working on different side jobs, side hustles, along with my full-time job to supplement my income.  I could purchase whatever I wanted but here is the problem:

I HAD NO TIME to enjoy myself.

SURE… I was able to online shop (couldn’t go to a physical store … was working) until my fingers hurt, but I have stuff sitting in boxes unopened as I type. I think this is how hoarding begins.

I calculated that I was working a 70 to 80 hour work week.   I would wake up for my day job, work all day, rush home then go to my “side hustle” and work until it was time for me to go to bed. I was working mostly 7 days a week.  This went on for about two years.


I literally cannot do this type of routine anymore. I need to find a passive extra income that will not take up any extra time that I should use to focus on myself.  The ideas are flowing, but I just cannot figure out how to start the process. I don’t want to do anything that will get me sued or where I will have to get insurance to protect myself from getting sued.

Food is out of the question even though I like to cook.  Too many people with allergies, too many people who eat a certain way, too many different diet preferences, too big of a risk that someone will get sick.  Things break all the time, clothes can run small or big, so what in the heck can I sell to start with that will not put me in the poor house the first time someone isn’t happy?

Yarn? Crochet and knitting stuff? Embroidery?  Maybe get into selling the diamond paintings? I will come up with something because it is necessary and I literally cannot do almost 80 hours a week for extra income.

I physically and mentally (I’m bipolar and was triggering from the stress. That was a JOY by itself) cannot do this to myself anymore.

In the meantime, I will be writing here on a daily basis.  This is my little dumping ground.  This is the best way to journal without having to find a cute small notebook and an excellent pen. 🙂

Weight loss, being 50 (almost), going through menopause (Dear Lord … the HOT FLASHES), my pugs, my cats, living with my son (well he is living with ME), living in New Orleans, conspiracy theories (I have many that amuse my boyfriend) …

blah, blah, blah.

I think I have enough going on in my head that can at least eke out a paragraph or six.  🙂

Hunny Bunny (His name is Chris, and we both love Pulp Fiction) who is my very gentle giant of a boyfriend (he is 6’4″ … I lie and say I am 5’4″ but I’m actually 5’3″ so he is GIANT to me) calls me the Loud Mouse because that is what I am … LOUD and short. 🙂

This was fun … I think I will be back.

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