Two Days!!

It is two days before my 48th birthday and I am exactly 0% to my weight loss goal.  Well…shit.

Many people who I know have passed away from ailments that are completely preventable with a good diet and some form of movement in oxygen. The number is so great this year I am noticing funeral homes, mortuaries, graveyards, ambulances…all the morbid shit that accompanies death. No, no, no, Bueno! This line of thought is slowly making me completely paranoid and wondering if I will wake up in the morning.

One of my sayings is: “You are born to die”.  The moment you are born the clock starts counting down.  Death has always been something that I have accepted WILL happen…like TAXES…like restarting a brand new diet plan…it happens.  I would prefer the clock to continue to run for me for a bit longer than it did for my dearly departed peers.

I am 180.4 this morning.

…again…well, shit!

I am starting to do the Wild Diet along with adding exercise to the mix.  I was down to 165 two months ago but the Menopause Monster came back with a vengeance and in a pissy/bitchy mood.  I got something for her cranky ass…GNC MENOPAUSE FORMULA VITAPAKS.  I don’t like HRT due to the fact I was starting to look like a lady walrus, no waist, losing my hair, but growing it in places I didn’t need it to grow. The four pink pills cause me to gag when I smell them and if I don’t have something protein and fatty I will start feeling like I want to throw up my soul.  It works like a charm (I am willing to ignore my bulimia soul to NOT have a hot flash) giving me a waist, luxurious hair (on my head), the ability to lose weight, AND a period (I didn’t think I would miss that) with a sex drive.  If you are peri/in the meno-weeds/or post I do suggest them.  BUY THEM! You will have a waist again and literally no private summers (power surges/bitch surges).

I have a ton of things to try to accomplish today.  I think I have decided what direction I will taking my little space to dump all my interesting thoughts.  I will be updating more often because this is actually therapeutic and will keep me accountable…I’m doing 40 days on the Wild Diet and I am looking forward to how far away from my goal I will be.  I welcome comments…just try to use your filter or at least try to be nice.  I will delete overly rude shit directed at me. 🙂


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