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Two Days!!

It is two days before my 48th birthday and I am exactly 0% to my weight loss goal.  Well…shit.

Many people who I know have passed away from ailments that are completely preventable with a good diet and some form of movement in oxygen. The number is so great this year I am noticing funeral homes, mortuaries, graveyards, ambulances…all the morbid shit that accompanies death. No, no, no, Bueno! This line of thought is slowly making me completely paranoid and wondering if I will wake up in the morning.

One of my sayings is: “You are born to die”.  The moment you are born the clock starts counting down.  Death has always been something that I have accepted WILL happen…like TAXES…like restarting a brand new diet plan…it happens.  I would prefer the clock to continue to run for me for a bit longer than it did for my dearly departed peers.

I am 180.4 this morning.

…again…well, shit!

I am starting to do the Wild Diet along with adding exercise to the mix.  I was down to 165 two months ago but the Menopause Monster came back with a vengeance and in a pissy/bitchy mood.  I got something for her cranky ass…GNC MENOPAUSE FORMULA VITAPAKS.  I don’t like HRT due to the fact I was starting to look like a lady walrus, no waist, losing my hair, but growing it in places I didn’t need it to grow. The four pink pills cause me to gag when I smell them and if I don’t have something protein and fatty I will start feeling like I want to throw up my soul.  It works like a charm (I am willing to ignore my bulimia soul to NOT have a hot flash) giving me a waist, luxurious hair (on my head), the ability to lose weight, AND a period (I didn’t think I would miss that) with a sex drive.  If you are peri/in the meno-weeds/or post I do suggest them.  BUY THEM! You will have a waist again and literally no private summers (power surges/bitch surges).

I have a ton of things to try to accomplish today.  I think I have decided what direction I will taking my little space to dump all my interesting thoughts.  I will be updating more often because this is actually therapeutic and will keep me accountable…I’m doing 40 days on the Wild Diet and I am looking forward to how far away from my goal I will be.  I welcome comments…just try to use your filter or at least try to be nice.  I will delete overly rude shit directed at me. 🙂


Lack of sleep…

… makes NOLA Kitty a POOR Kitty. Oh…and Amazon Prime.  Hee hee! Once again the Menopause Monster has me in her clutches.  The Heifer won’t let me get comfortable in my bed no matter what kind of sheets and pillow I was talked into giving up an arm and leg to throwing at the cashier as a form of payment.  I have bamboo sheets AND a bamboo pillow.  Pheh…I’m still HOT!! I’m just having night sweats on really soft sheets and an outstanding pillow.  I also decided to spiff up my little spot on the web while I am waiting for the ZzzQuil to kick in.  I am tired of Facebook.  I rarely talk to any of the people on my page and I have so much to say.  Once I figure this technology out (I think I may have to enlist the services of my IT son…while he is judging me silently of course!) I think I will enjoy my new home.  🙂  Gonna go and toss and turn in my bed for a couple of hours…

Ms. Dolittle or Crazy Cat Lady in Training

Three cats (Moose, Squirell, and Boris) and a spoiled pug (Otis!).  Slowly becoming a Cat Lady.  This is a far cry from animal hoarding, but getting there.  🙂

I think I will be adding just one more furry family member and then I will be done.  I try to adopt rescue animals.  My cats and Otis are all rescue.  I have four animals because they all seem to have eyebrows and used them on me at the time of the adoption.  Otis especially!  I couldn’t say no to that concerned face.  🙂 🙂 At least I will never be alone.  There has to be a pug in need somewhere in Louisiana…just need to keep looking.

I’m still awake…

…and it doesn’t seem that I will be falling asleep soon.  This is one of the brand new and improved “things” that my body seems to be doing these days.  I am fighting the menopause monster right now.  She seems to become active late at night when I should be asleep and preserving this old body.  Nope…racing thoughts and night sweats.  Yay!  🙂  I guess I will try to sleep…but will be back soon to properly introduce myself.  This will be a fun ride and a great place to post without annoying all my Facebook “friends” (I rarely talk to any of them…when did getting hundreds of friends become a thing?) with all the randomness. Goodnight my little dumping ground. 🙂

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