Saturday’s weigh in yielded another 2.2 loss.  Total 6.8 for two weeks. 🙂

So…this week will see me staying on plan and also going to Planet Fitness and getting on the elliptical.  I am curious what adding exercise to this plan will do.  I am hoping for a big loss next Saturday.  I spent 35 minutes on the elliptical today and will do an ab workout when I get home.  I have already reached my goal of fitpoints for today but a little ab work and stretching will not hurt at all. 🙂

Drank a protein shake after my workout…will try to get in some fruits and veggies today as well.  I am determined to do this and it seems the new Weight Watchers plan is promising.  I have never lost two weeks in a row in the past on WW.  Let’s see what moving in all this oxygen will take me….



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