…so I went to the grocery last night with Mom and Dad.  I didn’t realize stocking the house with healthy food would cost me 200.00.  It is okay because I spent just about that much on Frankenfoods from Nutrisystem.  Speaking of Nutrisystem…the food is terrible and full of additives.  I am sure Marie Osmond is a nice lady…but I believe she is stretching the truth by saying this stuff tastes good.  I have a special cabinet full of stuff that I haven’t touched yet and probably will not because the points are way too high.  I guess that will be my emergency stash…just in case I cannot find anything to eat.  10 points for a lunch bar that taste like ass is not worth it to me…would rather grab a fruit.

My scale. Sigh…I do not know how I am doing because my scale is acting nutty.  I get on it three times in a 30 second period and I vary as much as 5 pounds in weight.  It is brand new too.  I guess that is what I get for getting a scale that also measures body fat (I haven’t figured it out yet) along with weight.  I guess a higher power is preventing me from seeing how I am doing during the week.  It is for the best…I would rather see what it is at a meeting.  I am afraid that I will show a gain because of the train wreck of Monday.  It is Wednesday…I’m hoping the next couple of days will be good to me.  Since I am in menopause I am expecting to be a Pointer Sister.  By that I mean I will lose POINT this here…gain POINT this there…it is frustrating for me since I know I am following the diet like I should.  Would love for the lying metal monster to continue on a downward trend.  My clothes are fitting better though….I wore some jeans yesterday that were seriously trying to kill me two weeks ago…now they are comfortable.  I had forgotten what it was like having murderous clothing in your wardrobe. 🙂

I have been eating on track and I am finding myself craving mostly fruits and vegetables.  The majority of which are 0 points.  That is a tad bit concerning to have all of the fruits and veggies (except for the starchy ones) be 0 points.  Calories are still being consumed.  I know it is better to eat an apple and a Cutie instead of a snickers bar…but still.  Sigh…I will continue on with this way of eating…I am just in my 2nd week.  I really cannot tell if this a feasible way for my menopausal behind to lose weight yet.  I have 10 more weeks to figure this out.  Being accountable and having to go to the meetings does help keep you on track.  I always did WW online…and never went past the first week.  This is good for me

Tonight I will figure out dinner and probably do a workout at home.  Working out at the weight that I am now is so hard on my joints so I will go at the pace that suits me without injuring myself.  The last time I attempted running I got bursitis in my knee…which resulted in a cortisone shot in aforementioned knee. 🙁  I shall see…just hate starting from the bottom when I have soared to such heights in the past…

Question….if you are doing WW like me…do you understand Fitpoints??  I don’t…so enlighten me if you can.

Will be back later!


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