Official Weight Watchers Weigh In…

My OFFICIAL weigh in at the center fully clothed is 196.4 (fully clothed) .4 less than what it was on the 30th (in my birthday suit).  I read somewhere that you should subtract 2 pounds for clothes as a female and 2.5 pounds for clothes as a male.  I will test that theory tomorrow morning and see what I weigh right when I wake up…still nice amount of loss for 5 days on.  I will not be entering my weight as I check it during the week to make sure weight watchers is tracking my loss properly…but seeing the scale go down is a plus.

This new plan works. It makes you choose low point, low sugar, low saturated fat options   and taxes you for frankenfoods and those must have treats.  I have never lost any weight doing the old plan with weight watchers…I was always hungry too.  PointsPlus was the bane of my existence…SMARTPoints works.  Just give it a chance.  I look at my points as dollars…I have 30.00 to spend a day…would rather spend it on lean meats, fruits, and vegetables instead of sugar filled foods that leave me hungry soon afterwards.

Sugar is bad for you.  Simple.  It is addictive as well.  I can go without or eat a fruit to satisfy my sweet tooth.  I have three months that I paid for so I will leave my final thoughts until then.  In the meantime I will continue following this bright and shiny and new weight watchers to see where it will bring me.

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