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Saturday’s weigh in yielded another 2.2 loss.  Total 6.8 for two weeks. 🙂

So…this week will see me staying on plan and also going to Planet Fitness and getting on the elliptical.  I am curious what adding exercise to this plan will do.  I am hoping for a big loss next Saturday.  I spent 35 minutes on the elliptical today and will do an ab workout when I get home.  I have already reached my goal of fitpoints for today but a little ab work and stretching will not hurt at all. 🙂

Drank a protein shake after my workout…will try to get in some fruits and veggies today as well.  I am determined to do this and it seems the new Weight Watchers plan is promising.  I have never lost two weeks in a row in the past on WW.  Let’s see what moving in all this oxygen will take me….




…two blog entries in one day…might even be three I don’t watch myself.  🙂

I have a planner that Momma gave me for Christmas…I am using that to enter my weigh ins just in case I lose my little “Success Story” booklet from Weight Watchers.   I have discovered that I have 5 weigh ins this month. 5..  I guess it is time to get a new, reliable, bare bones scale.  I might even get a Weight Watchers scale tonight.

Yay for shopping! 🙂


…so I went to the grocery last night with Mom and Dad.  I didn’t realize stocking the house with healthy food would cost me 200.00.  It is okay because I spent just about that much on Frankenfoods from Nutrisystem.  Speaking of Nutrisystem…the food is terrible and full of additives.  I am sure Marie Osmond is a nice lady…but I believe she is stretching the truth by saying this stuff tastes good.  I have a special cabinet full of stuff that I haven’t touched yet and probably will not because the points are way too high.  I guess that will be my emergency stash…just in case I cannot find anything to eat.  10 points for a lunch bar that taste like ass is not worth it to me…would rather grab a fruit.

My scale. Sigh…I do not know how I am doing because my scale is acting nutty.  I get on it three times in a 30 second period and I vary as much as 5 pounds in weight.  It is brand new too.  I guess that is what I get for getting a scale that also measures body fat (I haven’t figured it out yet) along with weight.  I guess a higher power is preventing me from seeing how I am doing during the week.  It is for the best…I would rather see what it is at a meeting.  I am afraid that I will show a gain because of the train wreck of Monday.  It is Wednesday…I’m hoping the next couple of days will be good to me.  Since I am in menopause I am expecting to be a Pointer Sister.  By that I mean I will lose POINT this here…gain POINT this there…it is frustrating for me since I know I am following the diet like I should.  Would love for the lying metal monster to continue on a downward trend.  My clothes are fitting better though….I wore some jeans yesterday that were seriously trying to kill me two weeks ago…now they are comfortable.  I had forgotten what it was like having murderous clothing in your wardrobe. 🙂

I have been eating on track and I am finding myself craving mostly fruits and vegetables.  The majority of which are 0 points.  That is a tad bit concerning to have all of the fruits and veggies (except for the starchy ones) be 0 points.  Calories are still being consumed.  I know it is better to eat an apple and a Cutie instead of a snickers bar…but still.  Sigh…I will continue on with this way of eating…I am just in my 2nd week.  I really cannot tell if this a feasible way for my menopausal behind to lose weight yet.  I have 10 more weeks to figure this out.  Being accountable and having to go to the meetings does help keep you on track.  I always did WW online…and never went past the first week.  This is good for me

Tonight I will figure out dinner and probably do a workout at home.  Working out at the weight that I am now is so hard on my joints so I will go at the pace that suits me without injuring myself.  The last time I attempted running I got bursitis in my knee…which resulted in a cortisone shot in aforementioned knee. 🙁  I shall see…just hate starting from the bottom when I have soared to such heights in the past…

Question….if you are doing WW like me…do you understand Fitpoints??  I don’t…so enlighten me if you can.

Will be back later!


Went Off The Rails…

…well actually wrecked the whole train yesterday.  I never thought that I ate that much in the past…nope I don’t eat a lot… but it is what I am eating that counts.  I had a total of 4 slices of pizza…2 for lunch and 2 for dinner and two slices of cheese cake.  Not much….not even anything that I would think twice about.  Well…my eyes are opened wide after seeing the amount of points that had to get spent just because I wasn’t prepared with the proper food stocked in my home.

I get 30 daily points to eat with 35 weekly points to use just in case I go over a day or two.  I can also earn fitpoints every day by doing some movement in oxygen.

Here are my totals for lunch and dinner:

  • 2 slices of meat lovers pan pizza= 30 points (my whole day)
  • 2 slices of pepperoni hand tossed pizza= 28 points (into my weeklies)
  • 2 slices of cheesecake= 36 points (-32 weekly points… gawddamitt)

Looking at the point amounts I ate 3 days worth of food (point wise) for lunch and dinner.  I almost didn’t track any of it because I just didn’t want to know the damage.  If you look at the amount of food that I ate…I didn’t gorge at all but it sure in the hell wasn’t worth three days worth of points in my eyes.  The pizza was greasy and the cheesecake was way too rich.  I ended up feeling like shit afterwards. I am sitting on a negative weekly points so I have to stick to my eating my 30 points religiously and adding exercise for the rest of the week.  I am hoping that I will still see a change in my weight (hopefully down or even a maintain…not an UP…) on Saturday.

Today is a good ay …I have consumed three 52 oz glasses of water with lemon…ate fruits and vegetables (a whole bag of veggies 6 points and I feel great…much better than the pizza) and I will be shopping with my Mom today to get at least a week worth of healthy choices….and I’m throwing away the dern cheesecake!  I paid for three months of Weight Watchers…not gonna let one setback make me stop.  I see how terrible my eating habits were (REALLY BAD!!)…gonna see what Weight Watchers smartpoint eating will do for me….you really can’t get fat eating mostly fruits and veggies and cutting out all refined sugar and flour. We shall see…

Official Weight Watchers Weigh In…

My OFFICIAL weigh in at the center fully clothed is 196.4 (fully clothed) .4 less than what it was on the 30th (in my birthday suit).  I read somewhere that you should subtract 2 pounds for clothes as a female and 2.5 pounds for clothes as a male.  I will test that theory tomorrow morning and see what I weigh right when I wake up…still nice amount of loss for 5 days on.  I will not be entering my weight as I check it during the week to make sure weight watchers is tracking my loss properly…but seeing the scale go down is a plus.

This new plan works. It makes you choose low point, low sugar, low saturated fat options   and taxes you for frankenfoods and those must have treats.  I have never lost any weight doing the old plan with weight watchers…I was always hungry too.  PointsPlus was the bane of my existence…SMARTPoints works.  Just give it a chance.  I look at my points as dollars…I have 30.00 to spend a day…would rather spend it on lean meats, fruits, and vegetables instead of sugar filled foods that leave me hungry soon afterwards.

Sugar is bad for you.  Simple.  It is addictive as well.  I can go without or eat a fruit to satisfy my sweet tooth.  I have three months that I paid for so I will leave my final thoughts until then.  In the meantime I will continue following this bright and shiny and new weight watchers to see where it will bring me.


Almost fell on my ass just now…dizzy and it feels like my ears are full of cotton.  I am drinking tons of water and following the plan to the letter.  This new plan is protein/low-fat/low sugar (if you follow it like you should…sugar, saturated fat, carbs are taxed highly) and exactly what I followed in the past. I am an advocate of vegetables and fruits, lean proteins, healthy fats…so why am I dizzy??  Hmmm…curious…once I feel better I will do some research.  I am different this time…in the middle of menopause.  I wonder if that is a factor…

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