…at 41.8.  SUCKS!  I am drinking my water and staying away from the alcohol.  Hot flashes are plentiful and mood swings are down to a minimum.  My eating has changed…yet the scale will not move.  As much as I hate to admit it…I have to exercise.  I am not a fan of this since my body rebels and tries to make the “sit on your ass” case strongly.  But it has to be done

Shit.  I can’t be like most folks and just diet to lose the extra weight…I have to have a thyroid (or lack thereof) that will make me gain if I just smell food.  I know that it will be hard at first…I will get stronger and eventually look forward to moving.  I am impatient…it didn’t take long to gain the extra weight why does it take twice as long to lose it.

Wah wah wah!  I should have some cheese with this whine…but that is extra calories that I do not want at this time.  My clothes are fitting better (in a size 11 jeans…vanity sizing I know) SNUG…but in them and happy that I have a curve other than round.  I will just pull out the 9s and 10s…continue drinking the water, eating the rest of the Nutrisystem Poo Food, and stay away from all the crap comfort food.

This is just not happening fast enough for me and I am getting pissy.  I am actually looking into going to the doctor and getting a procedure done…my insurance will cover it…but I have the feeling I am not heavy enough to qualify.  And I will not add extra weight just to lose weight…that would be dumb.

That is all…

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