…down 4.2 since Monday!  Woot! Woot!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Anyway I have been doing the low carb Pescatarian thing since Monday.  I have been on a shrimp/fish/salad/protein shake kick.  It seems to be working just fine…very diuretic (constantly running to the bathroom)…but working all the same.  I have been drinking lots of water yet I still feel like I am a tad bit dehydrated.  I will figure that one out…in the meantime I will drink my water and stay close to bathrooms.  This is averaging a pound a day RIGHT NOW.  I know that it will slow down once my body is done detoxing from all the carbs, sugar, flour that I have been putting into my body.  The weight loss is surprisingly fast this time around and I know that is due to the fact that I am off all hormone treatments.  Those things will pack the pounds on you and I was only taking them for the hot flashes and somewhat questionable mood swings (alright I call them Bitch Flashes).  The hot flashes are okay as long as I have COLD water available to cool down my core and it is pretty nifty that I am not dealing with any monthlies anymore…just the mood swings…and my hair is growing back in.  Pretty soon I won’t look like this anymore walrus and back to looking like this: wpid-20141029_093750.jpg (HAIR!!! GLORIOUS HAIR!!!) LOL…I have hair and do look just like that picture right now.  If I had a phone that WASN’T POO then I would have uploaded a picture that I took just now.  POO Phone won’t let me update…so I guess I am going to Amazon and purchasing a Samsung Something or Another….:).

Moving on…

I really believe the steps I am taking to make myself healthier are going to work this time.  I have been on so many meds the past 18 months I really had no choice to but pick up weight.  Everything had weight gain as a side effect (there was even one that had gambling and alcoholism as side effects…YIKES…fat, bald, gambling, alcoholic is not a good look) and didn’t really make me feel any better.  I am only taking the blood pressure meds and my thyroid meds…let’s see how that works out for me.

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