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Meant What I Said…

…I wouldn’t be 201.2 anymore.  My first day on Weight Watchers Bright and Shiny New Diet (did you know Oprah is on it??) is behind me and this morning I am…


It seems the higher the protein the lower the points.  I still had some Nutrisystem bars left over and I calculated the points…1 little NS bar is 8 points but 2 bowls of wonton soup is only 4 (trust me the wonton soup is way tastier…those bars taste like processed ass)….looks like no frankenfoods for me.  I like that I can incorporate low carbing with the points system.

It will only be a downward trend for me from now on.  I am hoping that my “official” weight watchers weigh in at a meeting shows a lower weight on Saturday…

Just wanted to check in with my observation of my first day on Weight Watchers…the bright and shiny version.

Off to hydrate with some Meyer Lemon water…


…I actually have 61 pounds to lose to get back into my healthy weight area.

Well…shit!  How the heck did that happen??   I am not a binge eater.  I really do not have an unhealthy relationship with food.  I don’t think about it all the time, don’t plan my next meal while eating my current meal, I literally have to remember to eat.  I maintained a 75 pound weight loss for almost 10 years so I am aware of what to eat, what is healthy, portion sizes and all that jazz.  My theory??

  • Pills
  • Menopause
  • Alcohol
  • Zero CONSISTANT Exercise over the past 18 months

Gonna test this theory for the next three months.  I went on ahead and joined Weight Watchers with my Mom.  It will be a nice outing on a weekly basis to get weighed and held accountable.  I have been off the weight gaining pills (antidepressants and HRT) for approximately three weeks and  now only on blood pressure medicine and thyroid meds because I actually need those to continue to function in the upright position.  The antidepressants were definitely not weight neutral (wanted nothing but fried foods, sugar, alcohol, bread and really had no desire to move at all) and the HRT…well damn damn damn…no hot flashes and kinda stable but I gained 25 pounds in a month and my hair was falling out.  I am now taking the natural menopause formula vitamins and powering through the night sweats and hot flashes.  Drinking?? No biggie…I really don’t like to drink and it triggers the power surges anyway.  I am tired of people looking at me with the “OMG..she is having a heart attack!” look.  Especially when I am out trying to party and have a good time…no I do not need to sit down…BUT I do need to take these hot ass clothes off and find a fan!  Hint- Ice in bra works WONDERS!

Speaking of hot flashes…I am in the middle of one right now.  I really just want to break the hands of my coworkers that touch the thermostat in this office.  It is 65 degrees outside not 35…there really isn’t ANY reason to set the heat at 74 fecking degrees.  Oh well…this is my welcome back home.  People here are extremely thin blooded…as hot as I get these hot flashes SHOULD count as exercise…JEEZ!  It is hot as panther piss in this mofo!

Moving on…what was I talking about? Oh yeah…Weight Watchers!  I signed up for three months of meetings and I will be trying their new, improved, bright and shiny Points Plus program.  I think the difference is the way they are coming up with the points this time.  The higher the protein the lower the points.  They still want you to make like a rabbit and consume copious amounts of fruits and vegetables so those are still 0 point foods.  I have always been of the opinion that NOBODY got fat off eating a fruit or a veggie…good to know that The New Improved Bright and Shiny Weight Watchers feels the same way about impersonating a bunny.

I am not sure if ANYONE follows this blog and if they do THANK YOU for reading.  If my experiences can help anyone and/or make them laugh (I tend to be straightforward with my thinking…look back at my Taebo posts 🙂 ) that is a victory for me.  Please feel free to comment…I read them all and I also answer them.  I will regale you with tales of my weight losing, hot flashing, exercising self.  I’ve done this before so I know it is possible.

One more thing…I have to tear this band-aid off real quick….




OUCH! That stung…but that is a full 201 pounds of happy bright and shiny Rob. Seriously…I’m really that fabulous, People. 🙂  Plus today is the last day that I will be there…

61 pounds to go…let’s see what giving Weight Watchers $114.00 and paying Planet Fitness $21.00 a month will take me!




…at 41.8.  SUCKS!  I am drinking my water and staying away from the alcohol.  Hot flashes are plentiful and mood swings are down to a minimum.  My eating has changed…yet the scale will not move.  As much as I hate to admit it…I have to exercise.  I am not a fan of this since my body rebels and tries to make the “sit on your ass” case strongly.  But it has to be done

Shit.  I can’t be like most folks and just diet to lose the extra weight…I have to have a thyroid (or lack thereof) that will make me gain if I just smell food.  I know that it will be hard at first…I will get stronger and eventually look forward to moving.  I am impatient…it didn’t take long to gain the extra weight why does it take twice as long to lose it.

Wah wah wah!  I should have some cheese with this whine…but that is extra calories that I do not want at this time.  My clothes are fitting better (in a size 11 jeans…vanity sizing I know) SNUG…but in them and happy that I have a curve other than round.  I will just pull out the 9s and 10s…continue drinking the water, eating the rest of the Nutrisystem Poo Food, and stay away from all the crap comfort food.

This is just not happening fast enough for me and I am getting pissy.  I am actually looking into going to the doctor and getting a procedure done…my insurance will cover it…but I have the feeling I am not heavy enough to qualify.  And I will not add extra weight just to lose weight…that would be dumb.

That is all…


…down 4.2 since Monday!  Woot! Woot!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Anyway I have been doing the low carb Pescatarian thing since Monday.  I have been on a shrimp/fish/salad/protein shake kick.  It seems to be working just fine…very diuretic (constantly running to the bathroom)…but working all the same.  I have been drinking lots of water yet I still feel like I am a tad bit dehydrated.  I will figure that one out…in the meantime I will drink my water and stay close to bathrooms.  This is averaging a pound a day RIGHT NOW.  I know that it will slow down once my body is done detoxing from all the carbs, sugar, flour that I have been putting into my body.  The weight loss is surprisingly fast this time around and I know that is due to the fact that I am off all hormone treatments.  Those things will pack the pounds on you and I was only taking them for the hot flashes and somewhat questionable mood swings (alright I call them Bitch Flashes).  The hot flashes are okay as long as I have COLD water available to cool down my core and it is pretty nifty that I am not dealing with any monthlies anymore…just the mood swings…and my hair is growing back in.  Pretty soon I won’t look like this anymore walrus and back to looking like this: wpid-20141029_093750.jpg (HAIR!!! GLORIOUS HAIR!!!) LOL…I have hair and do look just like that picture right now.  If I had a phone that WASN’T POO then I would have uploaded a picture that I took just now.  POO Phone won’t let me update…so I guess I am going to Amazon and purchasing a Samsung Something or Another….:).

Moving on…

I really believe the steps I am taking to make myself healthier are going to work this time.  I have been on so many meds the past 18 months I really had no choice to but pick up weight.  Everything had weight gain as a side effect (there was even one that had gambling and alcoholism as side effects…YIKES…fat, bald, gambling, alcoholic is not a good look) and didn’t really make me feel any better.  I am only taking the blood pressure meds and my thyroid meds…let’s see how that works out for me.

Let It Snow!!

…on my blog anyway.  🙂  Getting my snow fix without the cold or the shoveling. 🙂 🙂

It has been a while once again since I have written on my little spot on the web.  I was looking back at how long I have kept this up and it is going on 11 years.

So why am I considering contacting the people of WordPress to delete all my previous posts and start this blog all over again?

Clean slate and fresh start…some of the stuff that I have written I just don’t want to remember or dwell upon ever again.

Oh well…I will think about it.

Moving on…I got on the scale this morning and almost fell of the scale not once but twice.  I would have fallen off three times if I could have stand what I saw.  Let’s just say I need to lose…say…40ish pounds.  Let’s go for the nice round number of 46 (my age for the next 6 months) to lose.  I think that is possible even with me being the menopausal mama that I am.  On the menopause note…anybody that says that they ENJOY this time of their lives is a goddamned liar or rich (they can afford all the supplements and special meals they need to stay sane).  I have been doing the menopausal mambo for 18 torturous months.  I was on HRT for the past 17 months and I found that:

  1. YOU GAIN WEIGHT…unexplained stomach weight that will not come off no matter what you do
  2. YOUR HAIR FALLS OUT…that is along with the added weight gain
  4. STILL GET PERIODS…if you have your uterus and ovaries…what is the point of going through the damned menopause
  5. YOU STILL HAVE BITCH FLASHES…so the doctors will usually prescribe some form of weight gaining pill like Paxil to keep you from stabbing folks

Now…this has just been my experience and how one Diva handles it does vary but I gained 30 of the 46 (nice round number, huh?) just from taking Premphase for 15 months and the Premarin (a drug produced by the Devil…not only causes weight gain but massive hair loss only from my scalp, my lady mustache is full and luxurious) for 2 months.  I am starting to look like this: walrus 🙂  Bring on the fishes!!  I could become a Pescatarian (it is a word!! LOOK!):

noun: pescatarian; plural noun: pescatarians; noun: pescetarian; plural noun: pescetarians
a person who does not eat meat but does eat fish.

and really blow people’s minds.

Now…there is NOTHING wrong with being a fabulous bikini wearing pescatarian walrus…it is just not for me.  I have canines and like a variety of meats.  Not sure how I will attack this 46 pound battle yet.  I have many different avenues I can take.  I have two months of food from Nutrisystem, then I have 30 days worth of Arbonne, every low carb diet book in print, and Taebo for days on top of the original Turbo Jam.  I shouldn’t be impersonating a Bikini Walrus with all these tools and knowledge at my fingertips.  I blame Poboys, Brothers Fried Chicken, and Drive Thru Daiquiri Shoppe!!!

Real talk though…this is unhealthy and I need to get the weight off.  I am starting to really look tired and bloated.  I don’t mind looking my age…I do mind that I look like a heart attack waiting to happen.  I have already stopped the alcohol and that has made a difference with the bloating.  Alcohol has been replaced with ice cold water (that really helps with the hot flashes) I’m drinking about a gallon a day.  I have stopped all sweets and fried foods.  No bread…which will now become no “white” foods.   I need to get in the exercise…I have started what I call “Taebo Jam”…I have been switching between Taebo and Turbo Jam (if you have done Taebo…then Turbo Jam is Taebo with a perky blonde at the front).  I will utilize my Planet Fitness membership and my Bose headphones (they are the and get my butt back on the elliptical.  I don’t care if it is just for 5 minutes…I will eventually build up my workout time.

Sigh…I’ve done this before…let’s see how I do 10 years later.



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