20 minutes :(

I was only able to get through 20 minutes of T3-Dedication.  I guess I wasn’t dedicated enough…pheh!  That one used to be the EASY workout for me a couple of years ago.  Age and lack of exercise does a ton of stuff to the body…I felt it throughout the entire 20 minutes I was huffing and puffing along.  Guess the little stints on the elliptical didn’t really improve my cardiovascular like I thought.


Not giving up at all.  Gonna go back to basics.  I can’t find the Taebo II Get Ripped Basic DVD on YouTube so I will share another basic one that I will also add into the mix.  The Original, circa 1999:

🙂 Billy in head to toe spandex. Yay! You know he has to be serious because of the spandex.

So…instead of mourning what I used to do I will just start over fresh.  I WILL finish a Taebo workout…

Enjoy Billy in all his sweaty glory!


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