One thing that I love about Atkins Induction for the first two weeks is the rapid weight loss.  I will be weighing myself every other day and posting the results (loss or gain) just to motivate myself to stay on course.  I almost made 3 miles yesterday…almost!  I ran out of steam just at the end.  I am slowly getting better with the elliptical.  I do need to start doing Taebo again.  I read that kickboxing (yes…Taebo is still kickboxing. Sweaty spandex kickboxing…) is an EXCELLENT way to burn the most fat.  I just need to find a way to incorporate Taebo into my daily workout.  The hour-long commute to work and the hour-long commute from work is killing the time that I could be using to exercise.  I guess I could do something after using the elliptical.  I have been eyeing my Taebo Extreme:

but it is an hour long.  Yes…that is the entire workout there for you to see.  I am going at this different way these days…if I can share the workout that I will be doing that day I will.  🙂  Sharing the wealth!  If I have to look at Billy in spandex so do you. 🙂

My eating is good and I cannot say enough about Costco’s Premier Protein.  That has been helping me with the carb cravings.  Pretty soon I won’t have that “gotta have bread” feeling.

Will be back!

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