A Journey of A Thousand Miles Begins With…


Now why am I having such a hard time taking that first step?? It is driving me to distraction.  I’ve been stumbling, bumbling, and fumbling along.  Going to the Gym isn’t an issue…I am actually doing that on a consistent basis.  IT IS THE EATING. I cannot seem to control the eating part. That used to be the easy part for me, the eating.  I have never been one that needed to eat anything.  I would sometimes forget to eat and would look at food as fuel.  Now it is mindless eating (not tons of food…I cannot finish a plate of anything)…mindless eating of sweets.  I don’t even like sweets! Could it be a symptom of menopause?  Could it be the meds I am on?  I don’t know but I need to find out what it is because I truly miss having a waist. I’m shaped like a fecking apple!  I was even told by someone that they would prefer to date someone who had a shape…now THAT pissed me off. How his big ass even fixed his mouth to tell me that when we both have the same shape…round!  I made sure I told his “ugly as original sin” ass off. Also told him that I wouldn’t date him if my life depended on it.  It still stung a bit though.

I was reading past posts to get an idea of how I was eating.  It looks like very low carb with vegetables and some berries added.  I seem to be a big fan of Big Salads. Protein, protein, protein and BAM…SALADS.   Throw in some berries and that was what I would eat.  No alcohol at all.  That was easy to do when I lived alone.  I moved in with “Old English Speaker” (the Recent Ex) and found myself gaining weight since he drank every single day. I’m surprised he still has a functioning liver to be honest.  Dude could drink a 12 pack of beer a day…and he would drink a 12 pack of beer a day.  I guess when you are as bored with things as I was picking up drinking would be fairly easy.  It was.

I’m not bored and isolated anymore so I can stop the drinking with minimal effort.  Smoking….three years ago I was smoking like a train.  It seemed to keep the weight off me and my biggest complaint was getting out of the 160s at that time.  I am now smoke-free and I am trying to get out of the 180s.  I seriously might consider taking up smoking again.  CONSIDER! Before anyone says anything…I just really want a waist again.

I am not that simple to really start up with the unhealthy things that I used to do that kept me skinny.  I am just brainstorming what it is that I was doing that I am not doing now.  I just had a A-HA moment…


I was doing taebo 6 days a week.  So…I will start incorporating it into my routine and start doing it twice a week.  Tuesday and Thursday.  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be gym days.  Saturday will be my lagniappe day.  Could be taebo, could be gym, could be yoga and stretching.

I need to do something….that is all I know.  I am a pre diabetic and do not want to become a full blown diabetic. I’m not good with shots.


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