801 posts!

I am hoping to make it to 1000 posts before the end of the year.  It took me 10 years to make 800 posts…now this one is 801.

So…it looks like I will be doing the Gym today after all…and maybe doing some floor work with Taebo later.  I noticed I was doing two workouts when I was getting back into shape.  I thought about the taking up smoking again and decided against it…I like oxygen too much.  Breathing is fun while on the elliptical. 🙂

I decided to quit Weight Watchers.  I just cannot lose any weight on that plan.  I tried the points system…then simply filling, then points.  The only thing I lost was money from my bank.  I guess I am one of those special people who just do not need too many carbs in their diet.  I did get the premium My Fitness Pal and was able to adjust my carb intake to induction levels.  I tend to post on that one more because it tells you the future.  It may not be accurate but I love that it tells you how much you could weigh in the upcoming weeks if you follow your plan.  If weight watchers did that I probably would have stayed.

I have a ton of  adulting to do today.  🙂  (That means I have to act like an adult)

Workout will be 35 minutes on elliptical

Taebo sculpt



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