WOOT WOOT!BETTER THAN 194.6….I thought I was going to pass out when I saw that 194.  Now…187 ain’t exactly light but better than what the doctor told me.  That was my weight when I woke up this morning.

No one really believes I am that weight either because I carry my weight in my chest and in the stomach.  I have become well versed at the art of camouflage dressing.  I know how to dress my body in such a way I actually look taller and thinner.  It’s an art and it is something that I picked up over the years of my fluctuating weight and being vertically challenged like I am.  Vertically challenged, Rob?? Yes, I discovered that I am actually 5’3″ (found out this year) when I thought for the longest time I was 5’4″.  I look obviously shorter than my son Jay and my Ex Geo.  My daughter Lo…well she inherited my vertical challenge…she is only 5’0″ so I feel tall next to her. 🙂

Okay…okay…how did the elliptical go, Rob??

I am getting better at the elliptical.  I only paused a total of 2 minutes while I was working out.  I guess the thought of being 194 just motivated me to run away from this fat butt I am carrying.  2.6 miles in 35 minutes…that is good for me since I usually stop and stop and stop…trying to do things like breathe, unlock the old hip, more breathing, and wiping all the sweat out of my face.  I also people watch…it helps with the workout because I am fascinated by some of the people who go into the gym.  Most of them are the younger girls.  They don’t sweat…EVER.  They walk in wearing coordinated clothes and walk out just as fresh looking as they walked in.  I saw one sitting on a bike doing just that…sitting on the bike.  She would pedal a bit then stop, check her phone, look around and then pedal a little more.  Geo saw one just taking selfies.  That aggravates me since I am in there to work and they aren’t. They are walking around there with their little figures in crop tops just sitting around looking cute.  When I had the body to do that back in the day I still went to the gym to sweat like a pig.  That meant I was working.  I know it shouldn’t bother the heck outta me but it does.  I also like the guys that workout in shorts, dress socks and crocs…OH…and the every so popular shower cap. I always have an interesting gym experience I have to say that.  My plan is to go for 3 miles in 45 minutes.  I think I can do that just not sure I have the stamina to do 45 minutes.  I will try for 40 with a 5 minute cool down see how far I will get.

I’m planning on leaving work early today so I will probably try to do a 30 minute Taebo toning workout and then do the cardio of the elliptical.  Bringing up that stamina slowly but surely.

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