…now that is WITH shoes on, in the middle of the afternoon, fully dressed.  The doctor will not let me take off my shoes to weigh myself…but still.  I don’t know of any shoes that weigh 14 pounds.  I am obviously back again do-gooders and it is the same Bat-Subject…my life, weight loss, my life again, and menopause.  Yep…my body decided at 45 that it would start doing the Menopause Mambo and now at 46 I am in full-blown Queen Komaya-maya Biotch menopause.  That means weight gain, bitchiness, more weight gain, no fecking waist, and becoming a hottie (hot flashes…those suck ass).  I still feel like I am a youngster…I sure act like a youngster, just have some uncontrolled sweating and bitch fits every now and again.  Actually, the hot flashes were like labor pains…coming every 15 minutes lasting about a minute or two.  The longest, uncomfortable, miserable minute in the world!  I literally wanted to peel off my clothes…not a good idea when you are sitting on a full plane with a sleepy pilot in a hot ass leather jacket sitting next to you. Man!  I wanted to punch him in the face for sitting next to me…GRR. Another symptom of menopause is wanting to punch people in their faces…all the time.

So why in the name of all that is menopausey did you get on a plane, Rob?  🙂

Things have majorly changed again in my life.  I no longer work for the Coast Guard…I am now Navy!  I am no longer in Juneau…I am HOME!  Home is a quaint little town named New Orleans.   I’m single…again.  I have a bad habit of picking the weirdest people sometimes…the last one spoke like he was back in the Victorian Era!  He would say things like “trollop”, “harlot”, “woman of ill repute”, “cuckolded”  yeah those were in a email he sent me.  I am by no means any of these things…our relationship turned to a roommate situation.  We lived together like friends with no benefits…well, it was friends with no benefits.  🙂  He has my baby cat Rexi…which is good since Rexi bonded with him and they seem to fit well.  I know that I will not have to worry about anything happening to him.  So it is just me and Otis, my pug.  I wasn’t giving up my pug at all…he goes everywhere I go.  Funny little critter too…I will be writing about him as well.


The plan is to dump my brain daily to help me lose weight.  I have been doing this (blogging on and off) for about 10 years now and if you look back at my past posts you will see that I have already lost weight before doing Atkins and Taebo.  I maintained for a long while until the menopause kicked in and suddenly I am shaped like my grandmother.  I’m still fabulous…but apple shaped.  Things will be a little different since I am now a decade or so older…going to follow Weight Watchers Simply Filling (salads and crap) plan along with Atkins.  I’m going to go to the Gym at least 5 times a week on the elliptical and I will TRY to get my ass out of bed to do a morning light Taebo workout.  I got bursitis in my knees (BURSITIS! HOW OLD IS THAT??) so I need to take it easy on myself with high impact workouts.  I know this can be done again just need the accountability of writing everyday and with the help of my Ex (The Hero…now just Geo…we are friends and getting along. WHO WOULD HAVE THUNK IT?)…Geo…I think I can do this.  If anyone can piss me off it would be him.  BUT…he has been in my life since I was 19 and the man knows how I think and which buttons to push to make me motivated to murder, death, kill the fat on my ass.  It can be done…just slow going.

Have a elliptical workout to prepare for…will be back later this evening to report that I am worn out, tired, and sweaty. 😛


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