Doing Atkins Again…

…why not it worked before. I always try to find or build a better mousetrap and then epic fail at it. The only diet that has ever worked successfully and I maintained for almost 7 years was the Atkins Plan. I’m a meat eater…look at my skinny T-Rex arms. ūüôā

I am eating ham(burger) and eggs.¬† Very filling and it makes a lot.¬† I will be eating on this all day.¬† I was too lazy to make a patty so I have a hamburger and eggs scramble.¬† I used the same seasonings that I used to make the burger patties at my second job…delicious!!¬† I believe I am going through ketosis because I am not really hungry, just a couple of bites and I am done.¬† I am hoping to be out of the 180s by next week…dare I say lose another 7 pounds?? It would be nice since I know the slow weight loss is coming soon.

So yeah…doing Atkins.¬† On the Atkins site it says you DON’T have to exercise because you will lose weight just with the diet alone. Well…okay you can lose weight just by the diet alone but will you like the way your shape looks?¬† I want my waist back and to get that I HAVE to exercise. I just don’t agree with diets that say NO EXERCISE…the weight will fall off you.¬† You are trying to lose weight to get healthy?¬† So why not exercise…you will look better with the diet.

Sooo…got the step I ordered (it is HUGE) now¬†I need to look for the step workout that I have with Taebo.¬† I also have Les Mills Pump…gonna do that too.¬† I really am doing this because I am tired of the way I look and I am also tired of being tired.¬† Something needs to be done.¬† I am just a tad cranky because I am craving the carbs and the sweets.¬† Diet Coke and sugar-free¬†popsicle.¬† I’m on top of this…

Wearing my new skirt I ordered from online.¬† Right now I am wearing an extra-large¬†because of my¬†huge waist…OMG…I miss having a little waist.¬† It is¬†loose everywhere except for my waist. Looks foolish to me but the joys of living in Alaska and layering I am able to hide this giant figure flaw well. Gonna go through my clothes and keep an 11 and a 9 jeans.¬† I really have a weird shape…13s are loose…12 and 11 are tight. Circle is NOT A GOOD SHAPE.

Gonna exercise today…not sure what I will do.¬† If I am in a better mood then I will probably do Les Mills Pump.



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  1. My best experience on Atkins was to exercise and keep my carbs less than 25 per day. I’m back on low carb, but on Keto this time. Good luck with your journey!

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