Started lowcarbing on 10/29/14…down 7 as of this morning.


It’s the little things that make a gal happy.  I would love to be back in the 170s.  I would love to back to 165 and grimacing because I was getting close to the 170s. That was two years ago in Arizona. They were doing the Biggest Loser challenge in the office and I decided to join…I haven’t stopped gaining weight yet.

I really haven’t been drinking in the evenings either.  I have a second job working in a kitchen in the evenings.  I can make my own low carb meals (If I get hungry)kitchenrob TRUST ME…you really aren’t hungry when you are working in a kitchen.  Just tired and greasy and FAR from wanting any food to pass your lips.

Okay…back to basics for me.  Today for breakfast I had a 2 egg ham and cheese omelette.  Gonna try to get in my water today. I need to get Otis some food so dinner will be an 8 oz (before cooked) hamburger patty with sautéed green beans. That is IF I am hungry.  This is what I love about low carbing…it keeps you full. Oh and …..butter. 🙂




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