Just the Facts


I have my measurements and weight.


I am a circle with arms and legs:

Hips- 40.5
Arm- 12
Thigh- 20.5


weight 188.

That is a damn shame on me!

So I have been trying to find out why SUDDENLY I gained weight in just my abdominal area (causing me to be in shape-ROUND).  I havent had measurements like this since I was morbidly obese about 10 years ago.  This all has taken place within the last couple of (2)years.  The culprit that I came up with…MENOPAUSE. Or in my case:

“The Men’O’Pause” I have been having bitchiness spikes lately thus making all the men in my life “pause” before dealing with me.  It could be the hot flashes (I’m a hottie) that I have been dealing with that makes me cranky.  I have all the lovely symptoms:

  • Trouble sleeping (check)
  • Hot flashes (check check check)
  • Mood swings (swoops…they are swoops not swings)
  • UNexplained weight gain (duh…i’m a circle)
  • Trouble losing weight (yeah you can say that or there is gravy in the air)
  • Dating a younger man (oh wait…that makes me a cougar not menopausal…hee!)

So what is a hottie flashing girl like myself gonna do? I cannot keep up this pace…I am twelve pounds from 200. I don’t want to be in that realm of weight again. I’ve been there and hate it. I can’t find anything to wear due to the funny shape that I have inherited from my female ancestors. I also feel like crap and I have sleep apnea (I snore…like a trucker…all “T” no shade)

ATKINS!  I have to low carb again.  Just need to motivate myself to do the low carb thing.  Once you stop it is very hard to start up again.  I love my potatoes, pasta, sugar.  I am finding it harder to get motivated to just start the darn diet. Giving up a my sugar and alcohol is proving to be a bitch. A Queen Komayamaya Biotch.

Sigh…going to read the book again. I have found that no other diet is effective for me. I called Nutrisystem and started the diet plan. They haven’t shipped yet so I can cancel. I know in my heart that it will not work for me.
I’m irritated with myself and my body. I should have gotten the hysterectomy when offered. I would have been done with this by now. Now I have another 5-10 years of slowly becoming a circle.

Crap. Need to make this into pissed off motivation.

It worked before…that is my pissed off face. Lol…


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