Ha! Winter is coming…


That is exactly how I feel during the Juneau winter. I still see people running around out the in the rain. There are two things it does here consistantly…rain and snow. Sunshine is sporadic, when you see it you don’t know really what to do with yourself. I am now wearing a coat.

Winter…is coming! That also means the equivalent of 30 Days of Night (Alaskan Vampires!)  is looming upon us.  By November 2nd it will be full dark by 4PM…and we will keep losing sunlight until the winter solstice and then we get sun again. That is hot chocolate and coffee time because I am predicting a “cold-on-purpose-ass” winter.


Randomness…brain dumping is fun!

Lemme see…I got a step!  One that is like the one in the “Jim”.  Big enough to support my entire body for crunches.

This is the one I ordered.  Now why did I buy a big ole step?  I actually enjoy doing step workouts.  🙂 Gonna get that butt and legs in shape!

Just found out I finally got approved to work part-time as a cook/bartender.  I am anticipating a good time since I enjoy doing both.  I just need to break out my bartender book.  Maybe I can download one from Amazon…

Anyhoo…I will be resting again tonight. My workout buddy is sick and I have a ton of things to take care of now that I will be working part-time again.


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