Group Power….

Group Power is your hour of power! This BARBELL program is a high-energy workout that strengthens all your major muscles using exercises from traditional strength training.  Group Power is a simple, fun and effective way to resistance train.

Yeah.  I confused barbell with dumbbell.  Simple…

This is a Pump workout.  It is also one of the Circles of Hell…I swear it is.  I walked in and almost walked out when I saw the steps, the barbells, the dumbbell, the people.  LOL…yeah I’m shy too.  I get undressed in the shower after workouts when everyone else lets it ALL hang out…and in some cases I mean hang. I just cannot just rip off my clothes and have my 45-year-old boobies out in the air for all to see.  It is no longer community is private boobie.  Some things just need to stay covered…like my butt and boobs. I am not Janet Jackson.  I cannot wear a boobie shield for fear that sparks may fly from the shield hitting the ground.   I don’t care how toned they are…which they aren’t right now.  I could trip on something if I let loose all this fabulousness.  I look one way there is a butt hanging around…another way there is a hoo-ha out saying hello…another way there is a boobie out trying to not make eye contact…I’m realistic.  Some things should be covered…

Anyhoo…I digress…lots of butts and boobies and hoo-has there!

One of Circles of Hell…yeah yeah…let’s get back to that.

I’m delirious.  It was the best workout I have done in a long while.  If I continue doing this particular class at least twice a week I am sure I will see results…gravy air be damned! 🙂 I was cracking up because there was an older lady smoking me on one side and a little skinny honey lifting what I swear was more than she weighed. I chose 5 pound weights. When the instructor said…”add more” I contemplated killing her or maybe throwing my 182 pound self at her and make her eat her microphone. Add more. Must be out of her mind! There is no way I was doing skull crushers to literally crush my skull.  I left the workout stinky and sweaty and in pain…good things are happening people!

It was seriously a total body workout…and I am feeling very bit of it right now. I know that if I can’t make the class I will just pull out Les Mills PUMP and kick my own ass in the privacy of my home. Just NEED a step…at least now I have a reason to buy one.

I will never use a machine again! 🙂

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