“Jim’s” Awesome Abs…

“Jim” has group classes that I can attend!  YAYYYYY!  I am so a group class kind of Gal.  If I am in a group then I try to keep up with the others so I am not sticking out like a sore thumb.  I don’t want to be “One of these things is doing its own things…one of these things is NOT the same…” hate to be that one person that throws everyone off.

I did Awesome Abs today with about 15 minutes of cardio on the treadmill.  Awesome Abs is 30 minutes so I got in approximately 45 minutes of exercise today.

Go Rob!  🙂

I weighed myself today and wanted to fall of the scale this morning.  There must be gravy in the air because I was 181.6 first thing in the morning and after working out I was 184.4 on “Jim’s” scale. I either need to buy a new calibrated scale or there seriously is gravy in Juneau’s air.  I am GAINING weight.  Filth. Flarn. Filth. Guess I am going to Fred Meyer and buy a new one.  Should I get digital or analog??  I don’t know which one is better. I know which one I can see better…digital all the way.  This being legally blind in one is eye is for the birds.  Since I cannot get the needed surgery to correct my left eye I guess I will do digital.  Body fat tracker??  I don’t know if I want that as well.  Gonna check out the reviews online.  A scale is basically like the jeans that supposedly make you look fat…it ain’t the scale nor the jeans that is making you look that way…it is the fat on your ass and the crap you are putting into your mouth.

Which brings me to my diet…I need to adjust that quick fast and in a hurry.  No drinking during the week (that will be a challenge…but doable), berries, vegetables, and proteins (limiting my dairy because I am literally a rat…I love me some cheese) and…duh duh daaaa…healthy fats.  Not gonna slather my foods with lard because that is bad, m’kay?  I happen to like avocado :).  Butter is the bomb and much better for you than margarine.  What exactly is margarine?  Have you ever wondered…yuck.  Congealed vegetable oils.  I guess I will go Paleo-ish.  I still adore Atkins but the body and the metabolism has changed since 7 years ago.  Also the blood pressure is out of control.  I have a carb sensitivity and basically I feel better doing a high protein diet.

The Arbonne Rep told me that she will be starting a 28 day detox on the 27th of this month.  I will do that as well.  The drinking will have to be cut out anyway so doing it now will help.  Don’t want to detox from alcohol while doing that plan.

Sooo…tomorrow will be Group Power over at Jim’s.  That is a cardio/resistance training routine with barbells.  I am so looking forward to doing this class.  I have Les Mills Pump workout at the house.  If the Power workout is awesome I may be able to add Les Mills into the mix.

I am motivated now since I have been feeling better and my weight is now officially out of control.  Like an insane horse galloping towards a burning barn I tell ya….no WAY am I breaking 200.

Later! 🙂

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