Sooooo…seeing Old Jim again.  I was told that I would have to go back or pay the full amount of the membership.  Everything in Juneau costs three times as much as the regular world.  I weighed in paying the 8.00 a month and going at least 3Xs a week OR pay the real  amount (about $60.00 a month) and get fat(ter) as well.  I opted to go back.

My ass is out of shape.  My body is fluffy-square.  No Bueno.  Doing low carb again with the Arbonne 28 day cleanse.  I have to say EVERYTHING:10408948_10153207297449838_606805135347191738_n

I’m supplementing my diet with the bars and the protein shakes.  I cannot give up cheese…so the cleanse is altered.  I feel like it is being effective because I am paying attention to what I am eating (trying to be mindful of gluten as well…the new South Park episode comes to mind).

I have the scale in the new apartment (I moved again…more on that I another post) and terrified to get on it.  I need to get back into shape before I drop dead from heart disease.  My pressure has been out of control these days.

“Jim” has made me realize that I am NOT a spring chicken anymore.  More like an old hen.  No worries…this old hen will throw on the headphones with some new and old Prince and walk/boogie my ass to a healthier me.

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