I was simple and locked myself out of the blog again.  Lucky for me I wrote down several passcodes to unlock myself.

NO MORE ADDING EXTRA SECURITY TO THE BLOG…what I write and what I have to say really isn’t that important.  Plus I am tired of trying to figure out what password I used for this and that.

Still going down with the weight.  Still going to the gym…BUT…I am feeling my age these days.

I was watching (binging…I have HuluPlus..I need an intervention. Or maybe look up Intervention on Hulu and binge watch until I feel like I’ve been cured. ) So You Think You Can Dance and was looking at the dancer bodies.  Ladies…I believe that at one point in our lives (maybe more…I have looked through pictures and have decided I am insane)  we were at that point where we were at the weight and size that fit us the most (our personal dancer body so to speak).  Some of clothes that I have that I considered “fat” clothes wouldn’t go past my knee today.  Did I REALLY believe that a SIZE 7 was fat??  I am so glad I am on my groovy meds these days because there was something seriously wrong with me about 5 years ago.  Yeah…it wasn’t that long ago that I was rocking 5s and 7s and I actually thought I was fat. I am doing the Snoopy Dance whenever I put on a size 9 or a medium pant that doesn’t try to strangle me to death via my stomach.


So anyway….I was watching the above mentioned show and it dawned on my that I am turning 45 next month.  5 years from 50. I still remember turning 35…like it was yesterday.  I ain’t no spring chicken anymore…more like an old hen. 🙂  I am doing the same things that I did when I first lost all my weight and got into super-duper shape…but it isn’t happening like it did before.  At 35 the weight was literally dropping off me…at 44 the weight is holding onto me like crazy.  I guess I need a little extra on my frame as I gallop towards 50.  I don’t want to be Scary Cougar looking…gonna focus on staying a 9/11.  hell…it is still Juniors sizes.  There is something still young about me.

Size 7 is fat…I was out of my flipping mind…

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