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Low Carb Almost Wingers Wings


They came out amazing.  I have a couple of meals here…

Wings and Other Things…

So I don’t have to work at Walmart tonight…HAPPY DANCE!!  I will take this opportunity to get a much needed pedicure and to cook something tonight.  I will prepare some wings and roast beef po-boys.  🙂 🙂

Have you ever heard of Wingers?  If you have you know all about their famous sauce.  Sweet and spicy at the same time.  I was only able to enjoy Wingers when I lived in germany.  I know there are other locations here in the States but I am once again stationed in a place where is literally nothing to choose from.  Juneau has:

  1. McDonald’s
  2. Subway
  3. A multitude of Chinese Food Restaurants
  4. Seafood places (and expensive ones at that…mostly near the docks of the cruise ships)
  5. Family type restaurants

That is it! No Taco Bell, Popeye’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Carl’s Jr., In and Out…these are the places that I am missing.  I guess that is why I gained so much weight after my divorce finalized.  Yep…I gained weight after the divorce.  What kind of backwards ass crap is that?  Most women get ultra fabulous …I got ultra fluffy.

But I digress…

Wingers!  Yes…that is what I was talking about. The sauce was what they were known for…and of course there isn’t a Wingers in sight for thousands of miles.  So I found a copy cat recipe.

Almost Wingers Sauce (Low Carb Version)

1 1/4 cup Splenda Brown Sugar Blend

1/3 cup Franks Hot Sauce

1/4 to 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar

*Put all of this in a saucepan on medium high heat (stirring constantly…don’t want to burn the sugar) until to comes to a boil for about a minute or two.  Remove from heat then let cool. proceed to sauce your wings!

I think it tastes pretty good.  You can bake or fry (I fry because I like crispy wings).

So…yeah…that is what I am doing tonight.  Getting happy feet and cooking.

I guess I should weigh myself…kinda curious as to what the scale tells me.  I am just going by the way I look in my clothes and I am loving the look.

Will be back later…probably gonna take pictures of the results of my cooking.



I was simple and locked myself out of the blog again.  Lucky for me I wrote down several passcodes to unlock myself.

NO MORE ADDING EXTRA SECURITY TO THE BLOG…what I write and what I have to say really isn’t that important.  Plus I am tired of trying to figure out what password I used for this and that.

Still going down with the weight.  Still going to the gym…BUT…I am feeling my age these days.

I was watching (binging…I have HuluPlus..I need an intervention. Or maybe look up Intervention on Hulu and binge watch until I feel like I’ve been cured. ) So You Think You Can Dance and was looking at the dancer bodies.  Ladies…I believe that at one point in our lives (maybe more…I have looked through pictures and have decided I am insane)  we were at that point where we were at the weight and size that fit us the most (our personal dancer body so to speak).  Some of clothes that I have that I considered “fat” clothes wouldn’t go past my knee today.  Did I REALLY believe that a SIZE 7 was fat??  I am so glad I am on my groovy meds these days because there was something seriously wrong with me about 5 years ago.  Yeah…it wasn’t that long ago that I was rocking 5s and 7s and I actually thought I was fat. I am doing the Snoopy Dance whenever I put on a size 9 or a medium pant that doesn’t try to strangle me to death via my stomach.


So anyway….I was watching the above mentioned show and it dawned on my that I am turning 45 next month.  5 years from 50. I still remember turning 35…like it was yesterday.  I ain’t no spring chicken anymore…more like an old hen. 🙂  I am doing the same things that I did when I first lost all my weight and got into super-duper shape…but it isn’t happening like it did before.  At 35 the weight was literally dropping off me…at 44 the weight is holding onto me like crazy.  I guess I need a little extra on my frame as I gallop towards 50.  I don’t want to be Scary Cougar looking…gonna focus on staying a 9/11.  hell…it is still Juniors sizes.  There is something still young about me.

Size 7 is fat…I was out of my flipping mind…

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