I absolutely hate to track a calorie.  It takes too much time and effort to figure out just how much I am eating…measure measure measure…track track track.  It seems you become more obsessed with food than you were in the first place.  That is the reason I can’t do Weight Watchers.  I do not think about food constantly.  I eat when I am hungry…then I stop when I feel full.  Once I start tracking every morsel that I put in my mouth…counting disgusting ass calories…it makes me obsessed about it and that is a bad thing for me.

I figure…hell I went over my calorie count for the day so I might as well eat a whole pizza.  It encourages the binge and purge cycle.

Binging and purging is bad…M’kay?

Really bad.

So….I am sticking to the way of eating that seems to fit me.  I eat things that I know are low in carbohydrate.  Stay away from white foods (starches and sugars)…eat big old salads and berries.

No more frankenfoods for me.  That protein bar really did a number on me and my stomach.  I also found myself starving before 11.

I’m gonna weigh myself tomorrow…I feel smaller and my clothes are fitting me better.  I don’t feel dizzy all the time either.  All I want is to be healthy…the side effects will be amazing.



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