3rd Day…

…I’m hurting.  Really feeling the muscles today.  They are protesting loudly about being used again.  Serves them right being so lazy and all.  I think I have to start sleeping with Jim’s cousin Benny Gay…or his sister Icy Hottie.  See?  I am not without anyone in my life…LOL.

I want to exercise again today.  Maybe skip the gym and do a home workout??  I could go in and get a nice tan to take away the fluorescent look I am rocking these days.  Just call me “Flo”.  I haven’t been this pale is a long time…I’m my own night-light.

Ok…check into the gym today and get a nice tan…then go to my apartment and do my trusty Taebo Amped.  I am not too proud to realize that I will have to start off on Beginner level.  I just know that I will get back to where I was one step at a time.

21 days makes a habit.  Trust me on that one.  That is the reason I am not wanting to miss any days.  I really need exercise to become a daily habit for me again.  I want to CRAVE it again.  It does a body good.  Start the exercise habit you won’t worry about the scale…the metal monster will be banished.

I am not sure how I will weigh myself.  I am seeing great results from just eating healthy.  I do know I will show a slight gain because I am “Putting some serious on my face” (Billy Blanks…warning y’all…gonna have more than a few Billy rants).

My eating?  Well I am not hungry.  Since I am eating a high protein diet I stay full longer.  I don’t see the sense in making myself eat if I am not wanting any food. I shall see how I will work this out.

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