I eat for fuel these days.  I have been consistant for the past two weeks.  I finally broke the 180s after a couple of years.  I like when I am seeing a downward trend.  I have cut out the drinking and eatimng all the crap foods that I have been putting into my body.

Eating clean isn’t hard…it all boils down to the decision to do it.  I am glad I didn’t cave and decide to run my tail to McDonalds instead of just eating what I knew I had available in the house.  🙂



It feels good to see the numbers go down instead of up.

I know that I will start to lose some inches now that I am incorporating exercise into my routine.  I also know that it isn’t uncommon to see a gain at first at the beginning of a fitness routine.  I will just gauge by how my pants are fitting me and how I look in clothes.

Not looking to just get skinny…I am looking to get healthy and add years to my life.

That being said I will be going to visit DJ (Downtown Jim)  during my lunch hours.  Each day I go will help me build up my stamina.  I’m focusing on fat loss right now…the weight training will then just come naturally.

Feeling great right now!


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