My New Beau…

Jimmy (The Gym). 🙂

I spent some time with him today and I have to say he was the bastard that I thought he would be.  He showed me that I am out of shape.  He convinced me that quitting the smoking is a good thing.  No more alcohol…lots of water and clean eating.  I do these things and I am sure that The Jim will treat me better. 🙂

The Precor is my machine of choice…always has been.  I like the way it tones the legs and butt.  My journey of 1000 miles began today with the first step…45 minutes on the Precor.  I really forgot how good I am with working through the pain and fatigue.

Time to make some changes…I knew that I would finally click.


Wearing a bun to work tomorrow and bringing in my workout clothes…going to visit Jim’s twin brother Downtown Jim at lunch tomorrow.  It feels good to do something for me for a change.

High blood pressure. Menopausal. Diabetes….

I can do this. And look good too.


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