Good To Be Back…

I have been fighting to regain access to my blog for a while now.  I really this old dumping ground.  My mind has been crowded these days.


What has Rob been up to?? Plenty!  🙂

I am no longer attached (don’t really know what the status of that was…really…it was weird).  I stood up for myself…spoke my mind…and Dude decided to end whatever the Hell it was we were doing.  That screams NARCISSIST…I was starting to see different things about this guy that just wouldn’t work for me…actually he did me a huge favor.  I now just have to go to work and deal with hearing and seeing him every single day…that is annoying but it just helps me realize what a real controlling jerk looks like…Thanks Hun! 🙂

I have a roommate.  She is very nice and I just have to get used to sharing my space.  I am a person that likes to be on my own and it actually feels like I have company at my house all the time.  I don’t like having company at my house all the time.  It will be an adjustment because I need the help with paying the rent here.  Juneau is EXPENSIVE as hell.  Don’t let the nature fool you…those views and nature come at a huge price.

I am working a second job again.  I am once again at Walmart and it isn’t that bad.  I am just expected to show up…go to my register and ring up people.  I  don’t have a quota.  I don’t need to harass anyone to get a credit card…I just have to somewhat smile at folks and make sure I give them the right change.  I get to see “The People of Walmart” first hand….that makes for an interesting shift.






Lord help me.  I have joined the gym here.  The Coast Guard is paying for the majority of the membership…I just have to go.  A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…yep.  I am aware of that one…I just now have to squeeze in at least 8 “steps” a month in or I will be paying for that expensive membership. Since I am broke as the 10 Commandments these days I need to get cracking.

I weighed myself yesterday and I wasn’t that bad…I am no longer staring down 200.

Lemme put this in real quick and move on.  I want to lose 20 pounds by July. It is doable for me.

I weigh…



I’m thick and curvy in the right places so it really isn’t that bad.

Tomorrow I will start the elliptical workouts on weight loss mode.  Since I have to get in 8 times before the end of the month I am expecting to at least be down 5 pounds by the end of the month.  If I am down more than YAYYYYY…

So…back on track.  Need to eat some of the yummy soup I made to keep me from eating junk at work.

Can you believe I work at a store that carries groceries and I cannot find a single thing to eat that isn’t good for me.  That is so disgusting to me…

I have more to say…I will write again tonight.  I need some food in my body…


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