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Eating Out… that is proving to be challenging.  You would think that I would be able to find something to eat at a Seafood Restaurant.  Nope…nothing that is appealing to me.  It is lunch…I am also not looking to spend 45.00 on some crab legs.  Just saying.

I think a trip to Costco is in my future.  I have a hankering for some crab legs…if I am going to pay 45.00 then I want more than just three. Just saying…

I am looking at the menu right now…Caesar Salad it is…

Good thing I’m not very hungry right now.



…broke the 170s.



People are starting to notice the difference in the way I look.  My clothes are fitting better now as well.  I am not just focusing on the numbers on the scale…I am also looking at SHRINKING.

The power of positive thinking.  The human mind is a powerful tool.  Envision yourself at your goal…believe that you can achieve it…and trust me it will happen.  As far as I am concerned I am already where I want to be…just maintaining.

Do. Or do not. There is NO try. ~YODA.



STRESS!  Definitely one of my triggers.  I get stressed and all I can literally see in my mind is a 20 piece McNugget and a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese meal…and a large Diet Coke.  We all know that adding a Diet Coke to a “shit” meal will make all food accompanying it have ZERO calories.



So…gues what I am having right now? Yep…stress like crazy.  All I envision is two 10 piece boxes of nuggets and the double quarter pounder with cheese.  This sucks..


I absolutely hate to track a calorie.  It takes too much time and effort to figure out just how much I am eating…measure measure measure…track track track.  It seems you become more obsessed with food than you were in the first place.  That is the reason I can’t do Weight Watchers.  I do not think about food constantly.  I eat when I am hungry…then I stop when I feel full.  Once I start tracking every morsel that I put in my mouth…counting disgusting ass calories…it makes me obsessed about it and that is a bad thing for me.

I figure…hell I went over my calorie count for the day so I might as well eat a whole pizza.  It encourages the binge and purge cycle.

Binging and purging is bad…M’kay?

Really bad.

So….I am sticking to the way of eating that seems to fit me.  I eat things that I know are low in carbohydrate.  Stay away from white foods (starches and sugars)…eat big old salads and berries.

No more frankenfoods for me.  That protein bar really did a number on me and my stomach.  I also found myself starving before 11.

I’m gonna weigh myself tomorrow…I feel smaller and my clothes are fitting me better.  I don’t feel dizzy all the time either.  All I want is to be healthy…the side effects will be amazing.




…you know what I mean.  Those protein bars.


Taste like ass.

Every single one of them.  There is an artificial taste to them that I just cannot get out of my mouth.  I think coffee will help the issue.  I have decided that I will just eat eggs in the morning.


Very nasty.  My stomach is upset now.

I’m a sad sad panda.


Sugar Busters…

Developed by New Orleans doctors.  One of the first diets that I can remember restricting sugar.  Has anyone just sat down and read the diet book…cover to cover??  I think I will do that this weekend.  Sugar Busters is the only diet I haven’t “tried on” yet. 🙂  Who knows it just might be a good fit.


3rd Day…

…I’m hurting.  Really feeling the muscles today.  They are protesting loudly about being used again.  Serves them right being so lazy and all.  I think I have to start sleeping with Jim’s cousin Benny Gay…or his sister Icy Hottie.  See?  I am not without anyone in my life…LOL.

I want to exercise again today.  Maybe skip the gym and do a home workout??  I could go in and get a nice tan to take away the fluorescent look I am rocking these days.  Just call me “Flo”.  I haven’t been this pale is a long time…I’m my own night-light.

Ok…check into the gym today and get a nice tan…then go to my apartment and do my trusty Taebo Amped.  I am not too proud to realize that I will have to start off on Beginner level.  I just know that I will get back to where I was one step at a time.

21 days makes a habit.  Trust me on that one.  That is the reason I am not wanting to miss any days.  I really need exercise to become a daily habit for me again.  I want to CRAVE it again.  It does a body good.  Start the exercise habit you won’t worry about the scale…the metal monster will be banished.

I am not sure how I will weigh myself.  I am seeing great results from just eating healthy.  I do know I will show a slight gain because I am “Putting some serious on my face” (Billy Blanks…warning y’all…gonna have more than a few Billy rants).

My eating?  Well I am not hungry.  Since I am eating a high protein diet I stay full longer.  I don’t see the sense in making myself eat if I am not wanting any food. I shall see how I will work this out.


I just received a gift certificate and a card of appreciation from one of my landlords.  That really makes me feel good about my job.  It is nice to be appreciated. 🙂 🙂

So…I have been rocking the diet and exercise.  I can feel the difference when I am showering again.  I feel tighter and I am not bloated at all.  Why did I go back to eating carbs?? Well let me show you…


The gift certificate is for The Hot Bite 🙂

Here is the menu for Hot Bite:


I think I can have the salads.  This place has milkshakes…floats…CHEESECAKE MILKSHAKES.  I have a 25.00 gift certificate to eat there.  So far I have located salad, tea,water.

So…Gonna hold on to this gift certificate for a little while.  It will be fun to just walk down there one evening and just listen to the music.  Summertime in Juneau is coming and I do like the fact it stays light until midnight here. 🙂

Even though I pretty much cannot eat anything on the menu…I still appreciate the fact that they took the time to write me a thank you card and buy the certificate.  It will at least give me a reason to walk down the hill and check things out.



I eat for fuel these days.  I have been consistant for the past two weeks.  I finally broke the 180s after a couple of years.  I like when I am seeing a downward trend.  I have cut out the drinking and eatimng all the crap foods that I have been putting into my body.

Eating clean isn’t hard…it all boils down to the decision to do it.  I am glad I didn’t cave and decide to run my tail to McDonalds instead of just eating what I knew I had available in the house.  🙂



It feels good to see the numbers go down instead of up.

I know that I will start to lose some inches now that I am incorporating exercise into my routine.  I also know that it isn’t uncommon to see a gain at first at the beginning of a fitness routine.  I will just gauge by how my pants are fitting me and how I look in clothes.

Not looking to just get skinny…I am looking to get healthy and add years to my life.

That being said I will be going to visit DJ (Downtown Jim)  during my lunch hours.  Each day I go will help me build up my stamina.  I’m focusing on fat loss right now…the weight training will then just come naturally.

Feeling great right now!


My New Beau…

Jimmy (The Gym). 🙂

I spent some time with him today and I have to say he was the bastard that I thought he would be.  He showed me that I am out of shape.  He convinced me that quitting the smoking is a good thing.  No more alcohol…lots of water and clean eating.  I do these things and I am sure that The Jim will treat me better. 🙂

The Precor is my machine of choice…always has been.  I like the way it tones the legs and butt.  My journey of 1000 miles began today with the first step…45 minutes on the Precor.  I really forgot how good I am with working through the pain and fatigue.

Time to make some changes…I knew that I would finally click.


Wearing a bun to work tomorrow and bringing in my workout clothes…going to visit Jim’s twin brother Downtown Jim at lunch tomorrow.  It feels good to do something for me for a change.

High blood pressure. Menopausal. Diabetes….

I can do this. And look good too.


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