…is the way Baby!  I have decided to once again pull Billy and his sweaty spandex out of the box and start my love hate relationship with him.  I plan on starting with the Get Ripped DVD that I own just because I want to have more cardio right now as opposed to adding weights.


I will be starting with Get Ripped 2 because Get Ripped 1 is more of a “Dear Lord…another set?!?” type of workout.  Honestly I don’t think I am ready for GR2 but I do know from experience my body response well with those two workouts.  My body responds EXTREMELY well…and I am a visual kind of gal.  I like to start noticing results fast.  Call it vanity but it does feel good to not get strangled by your clothes.  If I can make it 30 minutes that would be a victory for me.

I am also awaiting the newer Taebo I ordered on a lark…

taebosos This one Sweat Off The Sizes didn’t get as many good reviews.  I don’t usually go by what other people say…I judge for myself. SO…if this is on my doorstep this afternoon I will trying it out.  🙂

Yay…I was just released from work so I am off to see if the mailman has left me a treat on my doorstep…

Will be back later! 🙂


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